Introduction: Need a Funnel in a Hurry?

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Sooner or later you will find yourself saying something  like "this would be so much easier/faster, if I only had a funnel."  Well here ya go, the quickest, easiest and probably cheapest way to make a funnel for liquids. It's so easy, you could be done by now.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need.
 A plastic bottle I like 2 liters because they are wide bottles with narrow necks.   but any old bottle will work.
A knife,  razor blade is probably best but if it's sharp it'll work

Step 2: Stab, Slice, Chop, Cut

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Cut the top off of the bottle. below the shoulder is best  because it makes for  the strongest and widest funnel given our nearly nothing budget.

Step 3: Rinse and Use

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If  your funnel is going to be used for anything except  the bottle's original contents you should rinse it before use.  enjoy.


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