Picture of needle darts
Simple but powerful...very powerful.
These are enough to kill,
please be careful.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of gather materials
This is a prretty simple build,you only need 3 things

a vice grip or pliers (vice not shown),
a strike on box wood match,
and a needle
sector477 years ago
yeah umm i kinda tried to light it i lit my grass on fire oops bad idea
zero8388 years ago
can u light them on fire then shoot it that would be sweeeet!!
don't even think about it
i did it and it worked!!!!
pyrofiro8 years ago
every time i put the needle into the match head the head breaks
pyrofiro8 years ago
I'm gonna make 1 of these
El-Butchio8 years ago
if u soaked it in meths then lit it an shot it it wouldnt go out as it flew through the air, im not sure if you could load it and fire before it sets the blowgun on fire though...
Lithoboli8 years ago
he sounds familiar because he's the guy who likes to make fun of other peoples instructables. it must be his sick, twisted entertainment to know that he's negatively influencing someone out of reach, someone who can't strike back in any physical sense. personally austin, i think you should lay off other peoples ideas and start having more of your own.
yea what are you talking about i rarely flame people and i have made and instuctable before
Hey, he only said that he doubted it would kill anyone, he didn't say that the instructable sucked. I doubt they'd kill, but I wouldn't volunteer to stand in front of one. And Lithoboli, you haven't even got one Instructable up!
paper warrior (author)  tomc3uk8 years ago
wow! that was really unnessecary
paper warrior (author)  paper warrior8 years ago
And tom3uk, you haven't even got one Instructable up!
nice job but i make a paper dart and put a pin in it
paper warrior (author)  yellow elephant8 years ago
I've done that before, it gets less momuntem and is less destructive.
i just roll a paper dart and insert a needle in the front. also can put in either a straightened staple or a toothpick
Robotrix8 years ago
i sort of doubt this is "enough to kill" unless it was poison tipped and you shot it directy into someone's brain while they were already at like 4hp. But it would probably hurt.
paper warrior (author)  Robotrix8 years ago
I think you should lay off the video games for a while. Humans don't have health points.
paper warrior (author)  Robotrix8 years ago
poison is a good idea i was talking about hitting veins and the sort
lemonie8 years ago
1ml hypodermics are good for this type of thing, check your local park...
SCrid20008 years ago
I'm a bit confused, why are these so powerful? Does the match ignite, or is that just so it goes in the strw?
paper warrior (author)  SCrid20008 years ago
when you have a small straw the preesure is higher and they go pretty fast and carry that energy from thwe shot into the target.One time one of them went 1/4 inch into the 2x4 in the wall from 15 ft plus if you roll sand paper into a tube and use that it'll probably ignite but you have to put a lot of pressure in there. I'll try to get a vid of it next time
im sure you could flip the match and needle and tinfoild or something and make it actually launch.
paper warrior (author)  AgentDanny8 years ago
Like a matchstick rocket?
exactly. but with a speer point. maybey put some barbs on the end of it to make it particularly nasty
paper warrior (author)  AgentDanny8 years ago
Or exploding paint. (insert evil grin)
super glue a .6 mm air soft paint ball to it.
paper warrior (author) 8 years ago
And i don't think you went overboard at all.
paper warrior (author) 8 years ago
I'm not really a fan of austin.
paper warrior (author) 8 years ago
i'm talking about tomc3uk
Lithoboli8 years ago
and yes, i'll admit i went a little overboard with the whole "sick and twisted" spiel.
Lithoboli8 years ago
i do lots of uneccessary things. like even bothering to stand up for other people...
austin8 years ago
yea the whole killing thing is pretty doubtful it reminds me of when i was a kid and we used to be like woah thats enough to kill a person if you hit them right in the vein or temple.oooo
paper warrior (author)  austin8 years ago
i dont know why but u sound familiar
paper warrior (author) 8 years ago
Please be careful and only use these on targets.
paper warrior (author)  paper warrior8 years ago
Squirrels aren't targets.
Oh... too late... :)
PetervG8 years ago
You could push the needle in and THEN cut the top off, it would make it easyer and come out the same.
paper warrior (author)  PetervG8 years ago
the sharp end does more damage though