Nefertiti (egypt Project)





Introduction: Nefertiti (egypt Project)

we used dummy to make this.. spray painted the face. and made crown and jewelry..



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Hi may i know how to do the crown please.

hi sorry for such a lare reply, this was done like few years back but i can gife u an idea of how it was actually done.

Do u know how to make a cone ( ice cream waffle cone) use same technique, however just instead of making the pointed end, open it up untill it resambles a small circle and is a little smaller to the othr side circle. You would need a helper for this. Now simple tape it all inside and outside . Trim the hat to fit the hat. Make ears and place a golden strip underneath abd attach it . Hope this helps

do you mind telling me what is the name of the paint you used also she is very good rpop i hope to a chanting egypt display in my garage for hawollen

thank you.. it was a simple spray paint dear :).. however the most difficult thing to make is the hat because you need to curve it...

ok thanks i ound something i could use

this project was for my cousin who is in grade 3 lolxx.. well she was Cleopatra..
so i made dummy of Nefertiti.. :)