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Introduction: Nerf Dart Mod

this is a toutorial on how to make a nerf dart that will stick into dartboards, walls, humans (hopefully this wont happen to you its a mistake you dont make twice)

PLEASE do not shoot this at anybody or anything like a pet, animal or hobo's (please don't shoot hobo's) these darts HURT and i only use them to see my accuracy. please only shoot these at dart boards or something that won't be putting any one or anything in danger.

Step 1: Supplies

you will need:
nerf dart (obviously)
hot glue gun and glue
thumb tack that will fit into the dart

Step 2: Taking Apart the Dart

for this all you need to do is rip up the glue along the outside of the dart and then twist the tip until it is free of the rest of the dart

Step 3: Hot Glue

next heat up the hot glue gun

Step 4: Gluing

next apply glue to the middle of the thumb tack and quickly put the tack into the nerf dart and let it dry

Step 5: Test

now you are all finished now go test it out (remember i am not responsible for what you do with this, if you decide to shoot yourself with this dont come crying to me)



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    i get the knock off brand of Nerf bullets and then I shove a long nail through it and then cu it to the length i want the try to sharpen it

    I shoot at my corkboard at my desk with these. Made a bunch for an "apocalypse"

    My friend and I would have fights with these. Surprising how much a tack to the back of the head feels...

    4 replies

    yeah i have accidentally shot myself in the leg before, not a fun experience, most of the time i use this with either a dartboard or i put different targets on a cork board.

    ikr ive been hit in the leg head and almost eye

    Don't do this if you are going to shoot people. its stupid, dangerous and could get you killed if you shoot someone like myself with it.

    2 replies

    UM it wont kill you its not gonna go so deep in your heart r something its just a small tac but if you do get hit in the eye you can go blind you get hit in the head all your gonna do is bleed cause im not dead and i got hit in the back of the head and it just felt like crap

    i never aim or shoot at anybody, i have however shot myself by accident. but yeah you should not do this if you are going to shoot people because it will stick into you

    Advice: DO NOT ATTEMPT. This dart should only be used in a shooting range or closed off hallway. This dart is a great instruct able, but a very dangerous one

    Death Darts are considered shameful and noobish in the NIC. We as a community should shun you and all makers of Death Darts.

    1 reply

    I have never and most likely never shoot anyone (besides myself, it was an accident) I only use this to play darts, and for target practice. And by your abbreviation I take it that you are New In Chess?

    he he he he he he he he he >:)

    Neet idea. If you take the head of a dart and mold some sugru into a point on it it makes an awesome dart.

    too true but when it didn't fail it worked great. however it only worked once in a while. have you seen my darts?
    super easy to make darts.

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    i have it looks cool if you need a makeshift dart i would try but i dont have any feathers do you have any alternatives?

    wow this is cool i had tried this before but it never worked. just don't use with a rifle or it will get jammed up.