Make nerf darts go further and hit with more force with a few simple items.


I am not responsible for what you do with this dart. This dart is more powerful than other dart mods simply because it uses a pen instead of a straw.

Distances with/without mod:
(note this is with my modded nite finder pointing straight forward. will go lots farther at a slight angle.)

without mod:
32.5 feet

with mod:
38.25 feet

Step 1: The Stuff You Need


nerf dart
a pen (BIC pen or something like that)
green knex rod


pliers (NOT needle nosed)

Step 2: The Dart

pull off the top of the dart so that you just have a foam tube. the glue should be weak enough so that you can remove it without cutting.

Step 3: The Pen

with the pliers, remove the ink shaft part and the bottom. If you can't get the bottom off, feel free to use the saw to cut it off.

Step 4: Putting It Together

1. push the knex piece into the pen shaft until it is completely in there.
2. wiggle the pen shaft into the dart.
3. cut off the extra pen shaft with the saw.
4. you're done!

Step 5: Using It

this very strong dart should be able to leave a small bruise. needless to say, don't fire at other people. if you want, you can glue the pen shaft to the dart to secure it better.
cant find right sized pen shaft. anything else i can use?<br>
I have to cut da pen with hack saw
do u have to remove the AR for it to work<br />
ya would a straw work
Where can I buy the green knex rod?
You can't really buy just one part. You have to buy like 100, so just look on ebay!
Do you know if there's a way to use this mod with a suction cup? and have you tried? If not I might fiddle around with it.
Hey i dont have a mod for the suctions but you could easily get a pack of 100 or less for around $AU30
6 feet! I mean is that cool or what? I've made stefans. Stefans+My singled, plug-pumped AT2K=Dents in walls, furniture, and people. So your saying that you're shooting the green k'nex connector bits? You know, .12 airsoft bbs fit perfectly in the barrel and work MUCH better.<br/>
lol nice! might try.... but are these better than stefans? 0.o
no idea really, i dont make stefans...
r stefans any good????????????:(
ah... i tried but stefans go further...
Stefans will outdistance and outpower nearly any other type of dart as long as they are made correctly.
Is the stefans another mod or sumthing, can I have a link?
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.nerfhq.com/smf/index.php?topic=1305.0">http://www.nerfhq.com/smf/index.php?topic=1305.0</a> <br/>That should explain everything.<br/>
i know i test them in my homemade pump action dart gun
what is an air restrictor
A piece that Hasbro and other companies put into the gun that restricts air flow.
I got arelly good mod for this instructable i'll post it soon (like this one)
its fun to stick a needle in the tip O_o don't shoot at people ;p
the knex piece didnt fit snugly so i had to glue is
how do you do the nite findrer mod/
Search it on nerf haven.
oh by the way, a lot of people dont know how to remove the air resistor on the nite finder. if i get three comments asking me to, i will post it on the forums.
Nice mod, you might want to add in a video, that would be cool.
no prob, ill try to have a video up within the week
what kind of distance do you get with these bic-knex darts? do these just fall to the ground faster due to the higher weight (as opposed to the straw method)?
actually, since nerf darts are normally very light, the extra weight makes them go slightly farther. think of it this way: when you throw a feather, it barely goes anywhere. but when you tie a twig to that feather, the distance improves substantially. i will have distances with and without the mod posted soon. oh and btw, this is my first instructable so dont kill me if a picture is blurry or whatever.

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