very powerful airsoft gun that was once a nerf gun.

Step 1: 2 of My Modified Guns

the one below only goes 210 fps

Step 2: The Elastics Add Power to the Gun

Step 3: The Barrel

the barrel goes in a striped nerf bullet an then in the nerf bullet goes in where it normaly would an just add tape to strenthin it.
blowfo ur cool, ... , but how du U kno its 250 fps cuz the one i made (even without restrictors) wasnt 250 at all...(?) it was more like 175 or so... HELP>?
ok get some paper, the magic number iz 18.45 times that number by the number of peces of paper it goes threw an thtas how many fps it iz.
Or just be normal and use a chrono
@blowfo do u blow? LOLz jk
lawls i get the blow from either a hoe or a mofo<br>
How can that be right? There are way to many variables for that to work. The material of the projectile being a big one. For example, a bb might go through 3 sheets of paper at XXX fps, but a nerf dart might not through any sheets of paper at that same speed. Also, the distance apart the paper is, would also effect it. You are wrong.
that way to calculate the fps is only meant .12 gram airsoft bb's. and it also is point-blanc.... I tried compared this methode to a methode with a chronochraph. about the same results (~20 fps difference).
man but how come urs is 250 and mine is (still) 175... length of da barrel or so?
i dont get what ur sayin but to make it shoot faster put the barrel as close aaz u can get it to the air chamber also make sure its air tight---- hot glue works
<p>... just finished still same... erhm... well yeah just finished my air rifle too :D awesomness!</p>
First of all, that one gun is suppose to be a paintball gun and i havent tried that. It actually cud be 250 fps. If you do the air restrictor mod, theres no need for that rubberband
it sucks cause i live in australia so i cant get an airsoft cause of the laws!!!!!!
i bloody agree but we got paintball at age 10
3 present of the worlds population live there
same here...i am so annoyed but this gun is about as close as u can get...i did this but moded the insude so it shoots better and i shoot little blu tac balls <br>
sucks for YOU!!!
oh thanx
i feel the same way.i think its bull i want to try it
well i can get my license since ive just started shooting
lol <br>
why dont you just buy a bb gun off ebay.com
when i think airsoft, i think WACHENC! BOW!
It works great but defiantly not 250 fps and i added a spring to make it more powerful
Haha definetly NOT 250 FPS.
show how to make<br>
me too i did the same but i did all the mods u can do to make it shoot farther so shoots like 275 fps
Does it make dinner?
it cooks a hole in a can so im pretty sure it'll cook dinner
LoL I was making a joke about your spelling error. &quot;supper modified&quot; instead of super modified.
nerf airsoft guns are kool, until you get real airsoft guns
yup good point i lost interest in all stuff now im into paintball
Is there a way to make this magazine feed?
yes ill make one for that<br>
wont the bb roll out if u point the gun down?
no i pinched the end with plyers
yes it is 250 i have a speedometer but if it dusent go 250 then use some elastics like i did.
Fail, your "Instructable" made me hungry.
this isnt an instrutable. youre just showing it off
ONLY?!?! lol
&nbsp;whats the barrel
its the shaft of an arrow
you have a very suckishly made airsoft gun for the bottom one which is a mini paintball gun, mine clocked upto 322 fps when I breeched it.
lols i thoght the same! XD
abd its kinda easy to tell how to make it if your not retared

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