this instructable will teach you how to convert a nightfinder ex3 nerf gun to an airsoft gun. go easy on the comments this is my first instructable :) i am not to blame if you hurt someone. use this at your own risk.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

the materials you will need are

1. a nightfinder ex3 nerf gun
2. duck tape
3. a nerf dart
4. 3 rubber bands
5. something to use as a ramrod
6. airsoft bbs

Step 2: The Barrel

pull the tip off of the nerf dart. wrap the duck tape around the dart until it fits snug in the gun.

Step 3:

shove the nerf dart about a quarter of the way in and wrap it and the barrel in duck tape like in the picture.by the way i would recommend that you remove the air restricter thingy before starting this instructable. check out my new instructable on modding this gun. next wrap the rubber bands like i did  in the picture. i would tell you how but its hard to explain.

Step 4: Your Finished

put a bb in the hole of the dart and shove down with your ramrod. cock the gun and fire.have fun with your airsoft gun. like i said in the beginning "i am not to blame if you hurt yourself or someone else. use this at your own risk" please leave comments,i would like to hear your opinions and ideas.
It sucks
What did u use as your ramrod?
i tried this instructable and it works great but it doesn't sting enough. does you sting when it hits people ?<br>
no i didnt try to make it powerful i was just seeing if i could make one<br>
how much fps is it?
i dont have chrono so ???

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