Nerf Guns That Look Like Real Guns




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Introduction: Nerf Guns That Look Like Real Guns



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    That's only when it is folded for easier storage.

    I have the N-Strike Deploy CS-6 (I think it's CS-6), and soon I'm gonna get the Alpha Trooper CS-18 and mod both of the magazines.
    Should I post an instructable for the Deploy magazine mod?

    They got the new 18 round mags along with the stampede so you could just buy a mag off ebay.

    Mod= Modification.
    If I do modify the magazines, should a post an Instructable on how to do it?

    I know what mod means, I guess it just wasn't straightforward for me.

    I don't get it, not only did you not tell us what guns they look like in real life, you only showed Nerf guns with notes blocking most of the second picture.

    u go to make an instructable then right above the make one button, there shold be a link that says photos, click that and follow what it says.

    i dont get it you only have one gun and it looks like a box

    What's up with the price tag? Is this a picture of a gun in a black market arms deal?

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    The gun you compared the Nerf Deploy to is a G11 Assault Rifle.