Picture of nerf guns that look like real guns
to me, the deploy kinda resembles a p90
That's only when it is folded for easier storage.
true, true.
I have the N-Strike Deploy CS-6 (I think it's CS-6), and soon I'm gonna get the Alpha Trooper CS-18 and mod both of the magazines.
Should I post an instructable for the Deploy magazine mod?
They got the new 18 round mags along with the stampede so you could just buy a mag off ebay.
no idea what your talking about.
Mod= Modification.
If I do modify the magazines, should a post an Instructable on how to do it?
I know what mod means, I guess it just wasn't straightforward for me.
Is the second pic a G11 assualt rifle?
nerfer1923 years ago
DB20163 years ago
I don't get it, not only did you not tell us what guns they look like in real life, you only showed Nerf guns with notes blocking most of the second picture.
Dr. Who3 years ago
you should have put this as a slide show.
how ???????????????????
u go to make an instructable then right above the make one button, there shold be a link that says photos, click that and follow what it says.
gentoo473 years ago
i dont get it you only have one gun and it looks like a box
bendog383 years ago
What's up with the price tag? Is this a picture of a gun in a black market arms deal?
lol :D
The gun you compared the Nerf Deploy to is a G11 Assault Rifle.
they dont really look alike
Echosi3 years ago
And this is supposed to be what now? You only have one gun, and I've never seen a real gun that looks like a Deploy in "stealth" mode.