Introduction: Nerf Longshot Custom Paint Mod 2

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Nerf longshot stub nose c36. My son asked for a professional look for his gun. Well, here it is, and I hope he likes it.

Step 1: Get the Base Coat

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You should know if you want high gloss, low gloss or matte.

Tape up what you don't want painted even during base coat.

Note: make sure you have sanded and wiped painting areas clean.

Step 2: Complimentary Coat Prep

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I taped up areas where I wanted my black base coat to show.

Pic 4: when paint has dried, remove taping and remember all areas you taped.

Step 3: Look at All Pieces for Issues

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check for any flawed areas for repainting.

don't rush and don't over spray, give it time to dry before the next coat.

As you have seen, some areas have bunched up gold from too much spray at one time.

Step 4: Assemble All Parts and Check Your Work

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Here are different angles that show a complete custom paint job.

make sure your nerf is functioning ok and that there are no sticky areas especially the inside.

Note: I don't spray inside the muzzle because if the bullet grazes the inside, the rubber tip may grip the clean paint.

Because I used high gloss, I did not spray the inside muzzle.

I think it's all about how much work you want to commit to the plan.

I decided to paint the hand grip and trigger and I liked the finished product.


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