Nerf Maverick Mod: Full Barrel Removal





Introduction: Nerf Maverick Mod: Full Barrel Removal

yea this is my first Instructable so no cussing(please) and I tried my best to provide you with these pics. This will tell you how to take the whole barrel out of a nerf maverick and be able to put it back in while gun is fully assembled

Step 1: Vids to Help

some stuff to help on this project
his user is uin13 on youtube he does mods on nerf guns.

I saw this and did it as an Instructable because no one had done it. so I decided to show you guys, and I also did this a little differently in my Instructable.

Step 2: Disassemble

please take apart your gun

Step 3: Cutting

cut the following (they are shaded for your convence)
yea when i did this it was with a knife(very hard dont do this with a knife)

Step 4: More Cutting

yea you need to cut these

Step 5: Reassemble

reassemble the gun without the barrel in it and you should be fine to put the barrel in just pop it in where its supposed to go. now it should look like it did before you did this

thanks for taking your time to look at this

oh and if you want to do this a different way just cut both gray pieces off the barrel

Step 6: Done

your gun should now look like this



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    nice i give you 5 stars this was awsome you did a great job.

    i moded my gun and it wont rotate now help???

    does the barrel stay in?

    lol. fail (sry, not to be offensive D=)

    whats up with that string? its in almost every other picture!

    when i took of the plastic thing that u pull bak to fire, a small spring poped out and wen i put it bak together the part was all loose. how can i fix it?

    well there is a metal rod that goes in the slide and a tiny spring near the slot you need to get the rod through this spring and it will work the way you want it too

    this would be a nice time to make the gun a little more high powered. just by replacing the spring with something more high strung.