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Introduction: Nerf Mavrick Mod

i will be showing you how to make your maverick rev-6 look more real

!!!This can mess up your gun...!!!!

this may be my first but plz say what you want.dont cuss

Step 1: Stuff You Need

look at the pic...
no you dont need the bb's the cat food or the pen

Step 2: Open It Up

take off the three on the slide only take off 1 side of the slide

Step 3: Open It Up

now take off the rest of them

Step 4: Open It Up

now the you have it open take off the big black thing by pressing the little black button and move the gray hanges

Step 5: Grind Down

follow the pic's you need what is the first pic the 2 pic should look like the 3,4th like the 5th

Step 6: You R Done

now all you have to do is put it back together and see if it still works



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    It doesn't actually say how to do it?

    it does use the images

    i have to say, i wouldnt dare use a dremel, it goes way to fast for my opnion, i cut away the small peg on the gun itself, it has the same effect, and it is much less of a wear and tear for the mav itself

    Nice gun cool mod 5 star.


    nice mod plz i want more me and my cuz have a maverick can you do one for night finder and darttag  gun idk wat its called but its the first pistole they came out

    if you need help on any gun mods comment on my page if you want your gun to get better also if your cuz wants them to be modded ask me and ill help

    yeah i remeberd it and my gun broke now so im good

    the dart tag gun is called  the strike fire

    well i cant do any more w/them becuz i broke them