Picture of nerf mavrick mod
i will be showing you how to make your maverick rev-6 look more real

!!!This can mess up your gun...!!!!

this may be my first but plz say what you want.dont cuss
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Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of stuff you need
look at the pic...
no you dont need the bb's the cat food or the pen

Step 2: Open it up

Picture of open it up
take off the three on the slide only take off 1 side of the slide

Step 3: Open it up

Picture of open it up
now take off the rest of them

Step 4: Open it up

Picture of open it up
now the you have it open take off the big black thing by pressing the little black button and move the gray hanges

Step 5: Grind down

Picture of grind down
follow the pic's you need what is the first pic the 2 pic should look like the 3,4th like the 5th

Step 6: You r done

Picture of you r done
now all you have to do is put it back together and see if it still works
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It doesn't actually say how to do it?
hg341 (author)  rejectameric2 years ago
it does use the images
sonofstone4 years ago
i have to say, i wouldnt dare use a dremel, it goes way to fast for my opnion, i cut away the small peg on the gun itself, it has the same effect, and it is much less of a wear and tear for the mav itself
cobalt4204 years ago
Nice gun cool mod 5 star.
hg341 (author)  cobalt4204 years ago
nice mod plz i want more me and my cuz have a maverick can you do one for night finder and darttag  gun idk wat its called but its the first pistole they came out
if you need help on any gun mods comment on my page if you want your gun to get better also if your cuz wants them to be modded ask me and ill help
yeah i remeberd it and my gun broke now so im good
the dart tag gun is called  the strike fire
hg341 (author)  DIY and STUFF5 years ago
well i cant do any more w/them becuz i broke them
 Is it possible to make it so that you can backload it like an actual revolver?  You could drill or sand out the back of the barrel, but would that destroy it or make it just not fire?  CAN IT BE DONE WITH SCIENCE?
hg341 (author)  Spiderdog30004 years ago
yes it can be done
can i do it? no im not that good
 Do you know how to do it?
hg341 (author)  Spiderdog30004 years ago
i could think of way.
 I've got a pretty simple way, you do your barrel mod and then you take out the air restrictors and drill through the little holes in the back of the barrel to enlarge them.  Would this work, or would it result in catastrophe?
hg341 (author)  Spiderdog30004 years ago
you could do it like that but you would have to add a new power system
like this
Do you think the air compression thing would provide enough power?
hg341 (author)  Spiderdog30004 years ago
it should
MAVREV135 years ago
not trying to sound like a gerk but you dont look that bad***
i think even if you gave clint eastwood a nerf gun and he liked nerf he could make you wet your pants also i dont scare EASY
also you look angry not p***ed off i know my frinds do that look to bluff and it never worked 1,no,2,no ect also hold a gun that has a bad*** spring in it modded and i might think twice just saying.
at least have a pic looking down the barrel i know you cant shoot people through their pc but it looks cool. my oppinion

''Go ahead... Make my day, punk.'' and im not calling you a punk i just say it not tying to affend you.
hg341 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
oh dont worry i have taken no affence
oh can i see some more pics of that one
MAVREV13 hg3415 years ago

my bow well just go to my page and you will see it but i did a mod witch is not in the slide show all it is, is a skellitan stock and if you dodnt know what im talking about ask i will not yell at you and when you check out my bow well actuly i chadged the name its called the silver slayer.
1. nice silver cromo paint.
2. i can slay my apponits about 50-69 ft and still nail em in the head.

when you check it out comment and rate and i dont know if i took a pic of it with black on some parts.

MAVREV135 years ago
nice mod dude 2 ?s
1 what if a dude comes a nockin and hes carein a +bow and longshot titan intergration would u still have that stair or would u run. dont blame u if u say u would run +bows hurt they get 130 FT and are accurate up to 115FT i think.

2 there is a modder that did the exact same barrel mod and he did it way before 2008 i forget who uin13 said did it but just to save some time on moducks commenting bull on ur page include that u got the idea first also check out my maverick just go to my page ang click on the instructible that has a maverick on it i costomeized it but it still rezembles some what of a maverick also i give u a 4.5 its not perfict because u only include 1 mod atleast include the ar removel not trying to sound mean but u could have included the ar removel and if u think im being harsh remember im giveing u a 4.5 not a 1,2, or a 3 so dont think im not nice.
muriani6 years ago
There is another functional mod you can do while doing this one that can increase the range and power fairly well. While the Maverick is disassembled, take the rotary barrel and pull the back part of it off (this will take some force, but do it carefully). When the back of the chamber is removed, the airflow restrictors and springs will simply fall out leaving a relatively unrestricted airpath for the dart launching. Put the chamber back together without the restrictor and springs in place and re-assemble the gun. Enjoy your more powerful Maverick! If you're doing this instructable and have the Dremel, you may like to further open the holes behind the darts in the chamber. I haven't, and I don't know if it really will give any appreciable improvement.
knuckel muriani5 years ago
i did this and yess it helps ALOT
muriani i did this and when i put the dart in and try to shoot it wont leave the barrel but when i put the orange piece in it shoots. soo can you help me?
you dont take the whole orange peice out. you can break off the pegs and cut out the inside part that looks like the hazmat symbol, but the round base needs to go back in.
Just drill them. =.="
Colonel885 years ago
So..... this is supposed to be a power mod or something? because this doesn't look like it would work at ALL. those "grinded" parts are needed to keep the revolving chamber in place and now it will just swing out, with nothing to stp it.
hg341 (author)  Colonel885 years ago
that's the point of this!
Arggie5 years ago
Great mod! took five minutes and I can say I have an easier to load maverick than my friends. only part i wasn't careful about noting the reverse engineering of the trigger, where to i place the spring and i can't regain the resistance for the anybody?
hg341 (author)  Arggie5 years ago
hum thats bad i have never had that happen to me i did break my bolt on
Arggie hg3415 years ago
no i figured it out. it was kind of an inconspicuous place for the springs.
hg341 (author)  Arggie5 years ago
cool glad to hear you gun is working
iectyx3c5 years ago
This is epic ! Keep it bright yellow, it looks like a real Taser that way !
What exactly do you mean "!!!This can mess up your gun..!!!". The revolver still clicks and stays in place doesn't it? If not this would suck because you'd have to like glue it in or something which would defeat the purpose of the instructable.
hg341 (author)  AngusNotSoYoung6 years ago
i say that becuase some people have a hard time with power tools
(removed by author or community request)
i wasn't trying to be a jerk. i was simply asking a question because i was planning a project similar to this and it worried me that this could mess up you gun. and for the record i did this about 2 months ago and my gun hasn't broken yet.
Then ask,"how can this mess up your gun" not !!!This can mess up your gun!!!
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