Picture of nerf recon removable foregrip
 I saw a recon foregrip mod on www.nerfhaven.com but it was screwd to the gun and as I like to use the gun without the barrel that was no good mod for my.

So i decided to make it removable. This is the result:

(I forget to make pics in they process so the pics are from when it's finished. )

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
I didn't use much materials:
the gun
the barrel
the "tactical sight"
some metal scrap
some velcro
a scissor
a rasp
and a hot glue gun
MAVREV135 years ago
nice mod but what is the farthest it has ever got
whats the accuracy at 45ft out of 10
and what is the expected range and latter after some use did it lose range

Dude, this is an external mod. This recon would have relatively the same range as a normal recon

stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
target : chair
distance 12 m (40 ft)
result : 2,5:10
i think the wind causes a little movement to the darts
yep wind does effect range and accuratecy but after some use did it lose range??????
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 you mean that it kinda broke? when that's it no.
i mean recons sometimes tend to lose range after some usege DID YOURS  lose range after some usege im not being mean but after time 2 friends recons i modded lost range and the mod didnt brake it but after some time did yours lose any nerfers tend to say that after time their gun loses 1-5 ft after a few days, weeks, ect also your mod is good but insted of that metal will brass/pvc work??????????????????????????????????????????????????
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 it might have lost some range(i'm not sure it dit)  but it is still beter as before the modding.
i think any material will work. i used metal because that was within my reach.
but the Velcro is losing grip after some use, so i'm looking for a beter "sticky thing" any idea's?
no sorry alsowhat velcro?????????????????? and where??????????????????????????????????????
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 you mean what Velcro is? it's that stuff you got on your shoes/ jacket : image
and  where to place it: just read the instructable and see the pics
could you be a bit more clear on what you mean (it think i don't understand you totally) 
i ment what does velcro have to do with the recon mod also my pc is messed up so i think it deleted half of what i typed. check out my recon mod if you didnt already
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 sorry but i think you mis understand my mod.
the Velcro is making the foregrip removable.
and yes i did already check it
oh sorry about that. also will you pain that and for the pump i think you can use crazy glue.
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 i just find out that in our little frog land, painting is illegal :( 
that stinks.
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 that is true but:
when you paint it would look to much as a real gun(what is illegal) 
and you would risk 5 years of jail
i dont mean to sound like im gloating but where i live im aloud to paint it but the tip has to be orang thats why all my mods have orange tips and that realy sucks for you and it does
HeHe I live in Canada so I dont half to worry about oarnge tips its an Amarican law. : )
Yeah i know. d: )
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
i also heard something about that orange tip but it don't wanna risk anything

and in what country/state/land are you living? 
im in USA. PA and luckly around where i live we are alloud to paint them and if you want to pant them do light red and some other colers a bunch of people i know do that and the cops dont get them in truble
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 i'm sorry but i'm dutch so it isn't always so easy to understand what you mean.
but you mean to glue the metal to the gun ( cause that was the intyer idea to make it removable)  and i 'm going to paint it some day
Would any of you be intrested in a nerf recon m4/m16 paint job and barell mod?
you asked for a better sticky idea is that for the pump or other???????????
stardidi (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
by now i use velcro( look in the instructable for the place) but after a little while it stops sticking and when you load the gun  the velcro just snips off and you will need to but it back.
i was looking for a better material to stick the metal the the loading thing but what is removable, so no glue, cause that is the entire idea
you could aquip 2 0s on the cocking mech and put a mettal rob in a hole in the 0 and maby fit the other end in with a nut.
also what all mods did you do to your recon besides the obvious?????????
also check mine out
Revan_Taros4 years ago
i used to just use the sight itself as a fore grip. then i lost it
lazyboy135 years ago
DUDE my recon plunger broke and i barely modded it. the gun sucks and i didnt shoot it that much. although this mod is prretty cool. try finding something to cover up the piece that connects to the bottom of the barrel. ill sub
seabananers5 years ago
if you put the little laser thingy on the bottom then the scope you get a half decent bipod
superjail35 years ago
 kk just wondering

superjail35 years ago
 u get this idea from me?im not mad if so btw.
stardidi (author)  superjail35 years ago
 no I din't i got the idea for a foregrip from nerfhaven.com and the rest of the story is in my instructable