I saw a recon foregrip mod on but it was screwd to the gun and as I like to use the gun without the barrel that was no good mod for my.

So i decided to make it removable. This is the result:

(I forget to make pics in they process so the pics are from when it's finished. )

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Step 1: Materials

I didn't use much materials:
the gun
the barrel
the "tactical sight"
some metal scrap
some velcro
a scissor
a rasp
and a hot glue gun

Step 2: Mod #1

Now we will attach the velcro and rasp a bit off the barrel.
Adding the velcro isn't that hard. just find a good spot where the metal can get and glue it.
as you can see there is a litlle pin that stops the TS (tactical sight) from moving.
You can just rasp it away.

Step 5: Extra

Things to do:
{1} What is also nice to do, is the shaving of the edges of the metal. This makes it better to use. (done)
{2} Increase the amount of Velcro.                                                                                                    
{3} other material. Velcro isn't working as well as i like. any ideas? 

(mods : AR removed, o-ring replacement, some soft stuff to stop the sound but it doesn't work yet, any tips?)

with barrel       : a average of 12 m (40 feet)
without barrel : a average of 16 m (50 feet)