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Introduction: Nerf Secret Strike Mod

this wiill show you how to do a full barrel replacement, and how to remove the air restrictors from the nerf secret strike pocket blaster. (sspb)

what you need:
-barrel material (1/2in petg pipe, 1/2 cpvc pipe, brass pipe, or hollowed out marker)
-some sort of glue (hot glue is reccomended)
-sand paper (optional)

Step 1: Unscrewing the Gun.

get your screwdriver and unscrew the four screws on the side of the gun and open it up. the insides should look like this. (sorry about the red line, i had to get this picture off of edit: pictures are from gengar003 on nerfhaven

Step 2: Sawing Off the Old Barrel

now get your saw and saw off the old barrel at the blue line on the picture, and also try to leave as much of the strip of plastic inbetween the barrel and the pump as you can to support the new barrel you are going to put on.

Step 3: Removing Air Restrictor and Sanding

the air restrictor should've came out when you sawed off the barrel (its technically not an air restrictor but im just gonna call it that), but if it didnt you can either break it off or cut it off with a knife or something (be careful not to touch the black rubber inside the gun) and then you can sand  where the old barrel was so that it is flat. (the picture is of how the gun should look now, and thanx again to and gengar003 for the picture)

Step 4: Cleaning and Adding Barrel

now try pumping and shooting you gun to make sure it fires, you also should probably wrinse out the plastic scraps from the sanding and sawing to make sure the gun works well and still shoots. so just run a little water onto the black rubber peice down the hole on your gun and just shake the water out. now get your barrel, it can be anywhere from 2 1/2 in to 3 1/2 in, mine is 3 in.  now put your barrel onto the area where the old barrel was and make sure it fits well. then glue it in place, make sure it's straight and flat up against the back. careful not to melt the plastic if your using a hot glue gun. also put quite a bit of glue between your barrel and the pump, (ontop of the plastic strip between the barrel and the pump to give the barrel more support)

Step 5: Putting It Back Together and Shooting It!

when your glue dries you can try putting in a nerf dart or stefan and firing it. if it doesnt fire just try again or wash it out a little bit more. now you can screw it back together (the shells might not fit together from where you put the glue, so just take a knife or sand off the part thats hitting on the shell) for ranges i got about 30-40 ft with stock darts, (i dont have stefans so idk what ranges i could get with those, prolly about 40-50, maybe even 60ft) this gun is very fun to shoot and makes an awsome noise, i usualy pump it about 12 or 13 times, its up to you though. hope this instructable helped, please rate, comment, and subscribe XD



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    @sithil One time I accidently put my zombie strike ricohect in water, I don't know if it was the discs filling with water or the blaaster being submerged, but my best friend's dad works as an engineer for Nerf. He told me to leave it in the sun for a few days. After a few days, it was fine. :):):)

    I did this in plan of doing a minimization ( I know what you're thinking but I will do an instructable of it ) and it didn't increase the range but I got what I wanted. but I think I'm getting a leak so I'll try some stuff. good 'ible though!

    great mod i did this and it worked great, also if you submerge the gun in water and pump it a couple of times, it will increase range a little more cause it gives a better air seal.

    2 replies

    Are you sure that putting it in water will increase ranges? I've only heard of people doing that to check if there is an air leak.

    i did it to check if there was an air leak (and there was) because it wasnt shooting. but i tried to shoot it afterwards and it actually shot further than stock. i think the water kind of sealed the air leak

    THANK U SO MUCH!! I just use the longshot bullets and they go FAR! At LEAST twice as far. If my dad did not have experiance with tools and all of this it would not have worked. It is kinda hard to do, but it is worth it! Thanks so much! (suscribed)

    umm idk quite yet, i just made some crappy stefans out of some old bullets last nite, so i might test it tonight, prolly like 40 ft with stefans idk though

    WHEN UR DONE TELL ME. also im on you tube and another site

    kk, well i tested it, apperently my stefans suck XD lol, they very inconsistent and very innacurate, but it can usualy get like 35ft or over. kk my user on youtube is billybenj, add me if u like, and what other site?

    i will sub to youtube and the othersite is nerf headquarters.

    oh i yyeah i got one of those too, wuts your username?

    its obvies starts with a M and ends in 13 hint hint.

    i meant on youtube and nerf headquarters.. and what u mean u will sub to youtube?