i took apart my nerf disk gun and changed the spring position so that it would be more pretentioned and thus have more force.
the pic. shows needed tools

Step 1:

first take out the shown screws
the black box next to the gun is the end cap for the stock attachment point
important to note that the ones indicated in pic 2 are longer than most
pic 3 is of all the types of screw taken out in this instructable and the # of each
note that the very short and the silver screws don't come out till later
<p>this is a great instructable </p>
Thanks for the write up, that came in handy. I would also suggest that anyone doing this should file down or dremel off the little white plastic lip/ring that has to be slid out in step 2 that makes it so hard to get the 2 halves apart and back together.
You ought to use a &quot;finished&quot; image as your &quot;intro&quot; image.

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