Picture of nerf vulcan mod
i took two 25 dart chains from a fully automatic nerf machine gun and made them into 1 50 dart chain

Step 1: Taking the ends of the chain apart

Picture of taking the ends of the chain apart
for this step you need to take the ends of chain apart so you can put them together

take the ends and unscrew them take the whole end off of one of the two chains

if you didn't understand look at the pics
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bobby45056 years ago
actually it 49 dart chain =þ
right but that blank is kinda bad cause thats what i put in first but 49 shots full auto is so cool nice mod but where is the rest of the mod ? you only tell how connect belts
nope. 50 darts but theres a blank shot in the middle
There were no dart chambers removed. A standard chain has 50 darts a two extra blanks at either end of the chain. He just connected two of those.
hintss Uber_Sam5 years ago
he removed half a chamber on each chain,which half and half =1.so yes,it is 49(at least it looks like that on instructable).
sorry I must not have been clear. the belt has 27 spots two of which are blanks to start and end the chain so his ending chain will be 53 spots holding 50 darts and three blanks
then you could have 51 with a blank at either end.
no there is still one blank spot right in the middle of the belt
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wouldnt know i dont have one.=¤
omg! when did that gun come out?
best gun ever!!!!!
best gun ever!!!!!......untill it brakes
yours broke?
o haha ive heard they brake easily so i havent bought one yet
they used to break, but nerf fixed the issue
i have one and so does my brother and ares havent broke...
i tripped on mine and had to drop it on concrete and it still works...its scratched alttle though...heh
well thats great maybe they fixed the problem
kidengineer (author)  struckbyanarrow7 years ago
just a few days ago
fjkl;5 years ago
you all need to grow up. Get an airsoft gun and go with your friends. I promise you you will not need to mod those for more ammo or speed. Even at the lowest fps they cause hurt.
fjkl; fjkl;5 years ago

what kind of gun is that
matthewb6 fjkl;3 years ago
Did you ever think that Airsoft may be another hobby of some Nerfers????
I mean, c'mon, I do a lot of Nerf stuff, but I also like airsoft.
I like both. Don't start this argument here though.
Plus it is easier to see Nerf guns are fake even painted.
ilees fjkl;3 years ago
Agreed, airsoft is better, but some people can't afford them or have parents that woulnt let them. At any rate, there's no reason to be nasty about it
Who gives a rats @$$ about airsoft u cant use airsoft gun in a house you need a large playing field ammo amd lots of people too much work if u ask me this is a pick up and play system that works
gentoo474 years ago
nice job. if you`re not as pro then you should look up my nerf ammo mod it is very easy!!  

I read yours, it looks like it'd take more work and give less return than this one, and it doesn't look as clean.
Xenon14 years ago
I modded my chain to 50 darts, but it was sufficiently heavy to restrict the feeding mechanism from operating properly. Since I didn't want to hand-feed the gun or build a huge box, I simply removed two of the chain's casings and sewed the belt ends together, creating a loop. Since I only use it as a rifle (no tripod, ever), this modification works beautifully, and the chain never drops to the ground when empty. It's also easy on the motor because the chain's weight on either side of the gun is very close to equal. Loading is also easy. Just slip the loop over the barrel, drop it in, and close the top. Has anyone done/thought of this yet? :)
sweet but you need to get that thing out of there it jams like crap
davison1124 years ago
If you put more than 50 you WILL need a second ammo box on the otherside, or a drop bag, unless you increased the voltage to the motor, it will burn out trying to hold the weight
i had a friend who turned his Vulcan into a "super Vulcan", he connected enough chains to fill a backpack holder he made for the belts.... super Vulcan FTW!!!
they should make a mod where you add 5 more spinning barrels

just get the Airzone punisher,, it is a mini-gun that looks like the vulcan on steroids, it had a 30 round chain ad an ammo box
dansdoc4 years ago
can you get separat chains if so where?
An Villain5 years ago
I see i was not the only one to think of this.
if i ever got 1 i would make 1 giant 500 dart chain!
XOIIO5 years ago
If I ever get one of these guns I would make 2 100 dart chains :)
abadfart5 years ago
maby you could just stitch the two  together or just go get a replacement strap from surplus and build a new chain all together
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