Step 2: Find Appropriate Book

Find an old hardcover book that will not be missed. You can usually find old books that are being discarded at your local library or school. I found this old hardcover book at a thrift store for about $2.00.

Make sure the book you chose is slightly larger than your netbook in all dimensions (width, depth and height). My netbook measures 260mm(w)x184mm(d)x30mm(h) [10.25"x7.25"x1.25"], the pictures show how much room I had left around the netbook when comparing it to the hardcover book. You want a snug fit, so try and find a book that closely matches your netbook.
I am sooo going to try thid
<p>Cool cover for netbook &lt;3</p>
<p>clever idea</p>
Excellent ible!!!! Thanks, I am all over this one. My bibliophile wife is going to cringe when I cut up a book though. B&gt;)
Awesome project. Good luck!
Very cool! I like crafty people and ideas, which is what attracted me to this site. I work with Scouts, and use dozens of you blokes' ideas with the boys. What I used until I couldafford to get a good case was an old zip-up 3-ring binder from high school. I cut the rivets off the paper rings and added some foam padding (and a couple sheets of fabic softner to eliminate static). Pretty much what you made here.<br>I also re-riveted the rings to a piece of Masonite board and made me a hangine notepad/ plans holder for the shop. Recycle, recycle...!
Very cool. it would also serve as a way to hide your netbook. :D Now I need to find an old book...
I love this for several reasons: books are on their way out, but here is a way to reuse them and even showcase them, and it's freaking cool looking at the same time!!
This project is way impressive! I love it, and you did a fantastic job of explaining/showing what you did. Thanks for sharing this!
I'm going to do this with my Kindle. Makes it a great cover for traveling. Thanks for this
Very nice project now i want a netbook now lol
Very nice! I had considered something like this, before my laptop started to die . . .
Great looking case! I like your choice of hardcover book, I think we had that one when I was a kid.
Clever name. Clever project. <br /><br />Love the cover, too. That's how I imagine you spend your days since leaving HQ: fighting off bears in between trips to the dollar store.
That's awesome. Makes me want to make my own - we get in that set of Wild West books all the time where I work. Probably the best use for them, honestly. :D
Very clean.

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