Step 5: glue

Glue zipper
After all the openings have been made it's time to install the zipper. The easiest way I found was to glue down each edge and leaving the corners until last.

Glue one side at a time and allow the glue to cure between sides.
With the zipper closed, start by gluing down one end of the zipper to the inside edge of the book spine. The, progressively work around each side of the book and terminate the extra zipper length at the end inside the book spine. The extra length can be trimmed later.
Allow the glue to cure.
Unzip the zipper and repeat the gluing process for the other side of the book. Let epoxy glue cure overnight.

Once the epoxy has set it's time to deal with the inside corners. Create a pleat on each corner and apply epoxy, you may need to rest a weight on the corners to ensure they cure lying flat. I used a plastic grocery bag as a barrier between the wet epoxy and the weight I used, removing the plastic after about an hour allowing the glue to set without bonding to the plastic barrier.
Repeat for all corners on both sides.

Glue screen lifter
Scraps of fabric from the zip-up binder were used to create screen lifters inside the book. These lifters will allow the laptop screen to be opened when the book is opened, allowing ease of accessibility in one motion instead of two.

Scraps were dry fitted around top edge of laptop screen and checked to ensure operation both when the screen was open and closed. Epoxy glue was applied to straps and all glue was allowed to cure overnight.

Trim excess zipper if required.
I am sooo going to try thid
<p>Cool cover for netbook &lt;3</p>
<p>clever idea</p>
Excellent ible!!!! Thanks, I am all over this one. My bibliophile wife is going to cringe when I cut up a book though. B&gt;)
Awesome project. Good luck!
Very cool! I like crafty people and ideas, which is what attracted me to this site. I work with Scouts, and use dozens of you blokes' ideas with the boys. What I used until I couldafford to get a good case was an old zip-up 3-ring binder from high school. I cut the rivets off the paper rings and added some foam padding (and a couple sheets of fabic softner to eliminate static). Pretty much what you made here.<br>I also re-riveted the rings to a piece of Masonite board and made me a hangine notepad/ plans holder for the shop. Recycle, recycle...!
Very cool. it would also serve as a way to hide your netbook. :D Now I need to find an old book...
I love this for several reasons: books are on their way out, but here is a way to reuse them and even showcase them, and it's freaking cool looking at the same time!!
This project is way impressive! I love it, and you did a fantastic job of explaining/showing what you did. Thanks for sharing this!
I'm going to do this with my Kindle. Makes it a great cover for traveling. Thanks for this
Very nice project now i want a netbook now lol
Very nice! I had considered something like this, before my laptop started to die . . .
Great looking case! I like your choice of hardcover book, I think we had that one when I was a kid.
Clever name. Clever project. <br /><br />Love the cover, too. That's how I imagine you spend your days since leaving HQ: fighting off bears in between trips to the dollar store.
That's awesome. Makes me want to make my own - we get in that set of Wild West books all the time where I work. Probably the best use for them, honestly. :D
Very clean.

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