chockolate causes liver failier in dogs,cats,birds ect. people sometimes say one piece wont hurt...well it does! just on candy bar can cause miner damage to a dogs liver. THEY WONT die right away if you give it to them all it will do is damage ther liver.

dont worry if your dog consumed a bit of chockolate on acsident. as long if you dont give them it all the time your dog will be  ok.

any questions or concerns ? just ask below.
You have just a few spelling and grammar errors. I would consider reviewing and editing them if I were you.
ya i know,i just dident have time to fix them....but thanks for reminding me
Article may help establish more details on the subject. http://voices.yahoo.com/death-chocolate-myth-buster-save-your-358787.html
ummmm....ok. what does all that mean?
Thanks for sharing this information and do have a nice day!

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