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ok so ive been on here for a while just looking around and i found that thiers no good tazer gloves, so i decided to whip one up real fast and post it, just let yous see how much fun a good one is i give credit of most pics to other ppl on this site cause dummy me i built the unit and dident take any pics as i was doing it so i took a few other ppls Im sorry i dident ask but i wasent thinking it was a big deal untill i saws the comments please dont kick me i love this site and alsothis was my 1st instructable... so heres my version of the taser golve...enjoy.:)

Step 1: Building the Unit

Picture of Building the Unit

ok before you start if you build this glove that means you are acknolodgeing the face that...A:)i cant spell and B:) i am not accountable for anything you do with this item...this is for educational pourpses only... ok so lets get started shall we?

ok first what youll need...
electrical tape
glove (any kind of glove will explain later
wire (lots)
some form of box (altoids can woks best)
switch (small)
disposable camera
battery(i found that the cam flashes oldy work with one aa battery)
soddering gun
drill or scruedriver
carefullness this shxt hurts lol

ok first open the cam take out the batt and discharge the compasator (make flash go...flash.)
now the difficult part..
carefully take the bulb out compleatly cut it away if you have to just get the wires that the bulbs sodderd to showing.
ok the part where the wires touch to activate the flash sodder to gether or twist to gether. now where the bulb was sodder 2 seperate wires to each lead dont woory about the wanna make the thing shock lol.noy you should have the 2 small wire things twisted or sodderd together and you now made the wires the bulb were connected to long as hell id say about 3 foot should be good so now have 2 3 ft. wire's hangin leave them alone and now where the charge thing is (the button to press to charge it) bridgr sodder the 2 things together to make it one never ending pressed button lol.or if you wanna get fancy sodder a switch insted of a bridge sodder so you can turn it on and off as you please (cleaver aint i???) lol. any oce thats all done wrap the whole unit in electrical tape but make it so you can still come back and add the battery later... and then grab your case and make a 2 small holes one for the wire that goes to the glove and one for the switch...but make shure you can still close your box lol i made that mistake b4 lol it kinda sucked lol. now the units done now go to stpe 2 to make the glove

Step 2: The Glove

Picture of The Glove

now get your gove any glove will do i normally use a black wool one but i used white so you can see better the blacks good 4 hiding the wires lol unexpected shockingly good handshake lol. sry funny memmory put on the glove wrap any 2 fingers you feel comfterable with in electrical tape just the tip so ytou can still bend your finger and not to tight so tou A:)dont kill your finger and B:) so you can taqke it onand off with no problems. then over the tape tape teh wires so you can see the wites but thier still over the tape so you dont get shocked. lol bad memmories lol. then put a small piece of tape over the wires on your palm and feed the wires and box down your sleve and into your pocket and bam your done what looks like a normal glove is now a discuised taser lol fun when playing tag i found lol you really get the ppl to stop when you play freeze tag lol so yeah have fun and be safe


AlokDadlani (author)2014-01-29

Guys, an advanced version of above project.

Please view and like the video if you really like it. Honest comments over it are always welcomed. It would be helpful for this project and our college. Thanks for your time:-)

zacho-1o1 (author)2013-05-12

totally going to build this

Billybob101 (author)2012-03-26

Lol is such an awesome

hobzez (author)2009-05-30

lol this reminds me of this thing i saw in florida, except is not a glove its actual brass knuckles and where you hold you clench ur hand and thats what makes the taser turn on

sbrouillette (author)hobzez2011-07-27

i have one of those
i have zapped myself in the arm and ribs
it is rated at 950,000 volts
it is pretty strong

ShaiGar (author)2008-12-14

Is there any way of making it so that you can put about 500 volts into a person?

911TargaSC (author)ShaiGar2009-01-10

hmm, replace disposable camera flash with ACTUAL tazer... ? Those run in the range of 10,000volts if I am not mistaken. make sure you electrical tape A LOT more of the glove finger first. ; ) ha! but seriously. don't do it. ; )

Owzcarde (author)911TargaSC2009-03-30

yeah they have tasers (or Stunguns actually) rated at 1000kV. thats one million volts. ouch..............

bighead5454 (author)Owzcarde2010-07-20

i saw one reated at like 3.6 million volts

matstermind (author)ShaiGar2009-11-05

try this

or if you get the right circuit board use one of the charger circuits (its the same as the shocker)

i hope this helps.

NeMewSys (author)2009-02-13

Is this dangerous? Can it kill or just hurt? From 1 to 10 how much does it hurt? What body parts MUST not be touched my this device?

Owzcarde (author)NeMewSys2009-03-30

at the exact moment of the shock, i would say 10, but it lasts only for 0.000001 seconds and its over, so no big deal.

coltonapo18 (author)NeMewSys2009-03-06

dont touch your genitals!!!!!!! lol uhmm.. like 8.

moo735 (author)2009-01-06

could a guitar killswitch work as a switch?

itsachen (author)moo7352009-02-26

lol a guitar killswitch is just a momentary switch

maker12 (author)2007-12-24

="doin,t tase me bro!" thats my fav quote!=

idiotbasher (author)maker122008-06-22

what's that from???

I think it was a collage reporter asking a question to some sort of nominee... the police were there, and before they tased him, he said "Don't tase me, bro!"

Briguy9 (author)Bright Shadow2008-11-17

I thought that was from the show Cops where this guy wasn't listening to the police but he listened and said "Don't taze me bro!" but he got tazed anyway.

egriff (author)Briguy92008-12-18

It was at University of Florida and the speaker was John Kerry. Some college student started throwing a fit and when the police tried to remove him he resisted, said the famous phrase and was then tazed.

Bright Shadow (author)Briguy92008-11-18

I couldn't tell ya.

hunter cd (author)2008-09-05

hi when installing the wire put it on the inside of the glove as it is less visible but make sure to keep the wire coating on we have a be nice policy so i have to say that ur tazer is great

nf119 (author)2008-02-11

Hazards are present in the step(s) or the product(s) of this instructable. For your legal safety and the safety of others please include the following: 1) A clear warning of the high voltage hazard 2) A clear warning of the medical dangers Note: I believe that it is extremely dangerous for you to leave the capacitor in the circuit. The flash capacitor are made to rapidly release their charge and the amperage they can output + their voltage rating have a extremely high possibility of causing heart failure as well as many other harms. The device will still produce quite a continuous shock from the charging terminals if used without the capacitor.

thebluemartyr (author)nf1192008-09-04

itl cause heart failure, um yea if your tazing seniors! this stuff is far removed from something that can kill a healthy teenager, or even people under 40, its only the voltage, not the amperage thats high, and since amos are the killer in electrical shocks, this is safe. after being shocked, and shocking others many times,i can tell you with quite a degree of certainty, that this kind of thing will not kill you, it leaves wicked sores, but definately nothing serious

skok (author)nf1192008-07-10

Calm down! There isn't a flux capacitor in this. . .

qrytkeeper89 (author)nf1192008-02-29

yeah but if it dosent have the possability to kill its no fun lol

Radhazzard (author)2008-08-09

I just wanted to add my 2 cents on this... The capacitor keeps a stored charge of about 300V at a low amp, not enough power to set off the flash. The dangerous part is that when the trigger for the flash is pressed the capacitors charge is re sent through the transformer that upped the voltage from a mere 2.5v to 300v and has upped the ante to around 1000V. I have not tested this, but merely stating what I have noticed in the circuit layout. This could be considered a dangerous weapon, but if you remove the capacitor and run the wires from its solder mounts it should be "safer"

googleman (author)2008-07-05

dude its solderd lol

skok (author)googleman2008-07-10

Don't tase. . . I mean, tease him, bro'!

GorillazMiko (author)2007-11-28

awesome. never knew a camera could do so much

lol really? theres like hundreds of disposival camera hacks out there (almost every one is a tazer tho :-)

do you no any camera hacks that AREN'T tazers ? lol

drummonkey92 (author)Aqlor2008-05-09

wow! awsum, thanks mate

skok (author)2008-03-15

Wow! I think I'll post a "new and improved" (which it isn't) "taser" (which it also is not!) glove, too! Just need to finish copying everything from this post. . . There, that should do it. . . BTW I give credit to most people I stole from. . . sort of. . .

dudemonkeys (author)2008-02-21

i just had an idea, how bout taser gloves using conductive fabric as the glove material with insulation on the inside and one lead connected to each glove. This way you won't accidentally zap things and its more flexible.

halomaster007 (author)2007-12-13

Be careful to put insulation on the inside of the glove.

Lftndbt (author)2007-11-29

Dude, be careful your spelling and grammar could be lethal..! LoL Is English not your first language? Running it through a translator, might be more effective... ;) Congrats on writing the Intro, in one sentence and no punctuation..... ROFL

qrytkeeper89 (author)Lftndbt2007-11-29

yeah sry about that lol i type to fast and i dont nottice mistakes i wouldent be suprised if every word i typed now was misspelled lol im always inna rush

Lftndbt (author)qrytkeeper892007-11-29

I think the spellcheck button, needs to get a work out...

mattccc (author)2007-11-29

pls stop

Aar000n3y (author)2007-11-28

It would be better if you could come up with a way to make a contained version of this, so you don't have to mess with taping it on each time. And wouldn't this shock you too?

qrytkeeper89 (author)Aar000n3y2007-11-29

uggh also i made it so you can put the box in your pocket and feed the wire up your sleeve so ppl edont see the wire the reason its so long is cause im 6' 4 so im big just make it to fit ok?

qrytkeeper89 (author)Aar000n3y2007-11-29

ok i used electrical tape to secre it one on my finger and 1 to hold the wire... i found out you dont even have to use a glove but if you do it rite and tape teh inside of a golve say a wool glove and sew it in youd never even see the tape and its a one time tape job so yeah no shocking the tape protects me lol but...but also even if its not charged dont put the 2 wires in your mouth found that out the hard way lol...

Lftndbt (author)Aar000n3y2007-11-29

It's a latex rubber glove..... Duh... ;) Bit messy, if it shorted out and melted the glove to your hand though...

benny101 (author)2007-11-28

hey you stole one of my pics

qrytkeeper89 (author)benny1012007-11-29

yeah sry about that i was gunna sak but i kinda for got if you want ill delete them...if you want me to sry again

ac1D (author)2007-11-28
mrmath (author)ac1D2007-11-28

Maybe he edited it, but he says that he did that. More credit would be good, but he admitted to doing it.

ac1D (author)mrmath2007-11-28

Omg, kick this guy. was sarcastric.. he took the pic, but never asked the author of the pic..

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