New Curtain for My Son's Old House, With the Help of My Grand Daughter





Introduction: New Curtain for My Son's Old House, With the Help of My Grand Daughter

My son bought a ruined house in the old historic centre of Porto. Being an architect he decided to rebuild it, and moved from London to our home town (when I first found the house and suggested him to buy it,  that was my purpose, to  make him comeback... )
The little house is now so cozy , and as i feel i have some responsability in the process, I decided to make something with my hands. Well, I love to make crochet, but usually it looks very feminin.  So I made this curtain, to the front window, so that he can see the narrow street, get all the sun light , have some privacy trying to give it a modern non-feminin look.
The pattern just emerged as the work was beiing done. I tried to represent the spiderwebs the house had, the irregular stone, even the woodworms nests...
My granddaughter help me putting the courtain in place.



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    Oooh, so pretty! So you just made it up as you went? Did you use any special stitches?

    Hello Penelope
    (I like your name, I have a blog where i put my "works", that is called a look )
    Doing this curtain I tried not to use any formal stiches...
    I am glad that you like it

    Beautiful! I'm making myself one. By the way, your granddaughter is adorable!

    If you want I can look for more pictures, and send you !
    Show us the result, when it's done.
    Violeta (my granddaughter)is like a flower...