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This is a new kind of paracord bracelet that I made and it has a new closure mechanisim.  It is a wire that holds its' shape on your wrist.
To make one yourself get some wire and cut it to your desired length.  Then do a cobra weave around your wire and and then when you have covered most of the wire, bend the ends over and do a cobra weave back over the other paracord. I will make a better how to later with pictures.

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sonic broom (author)2014-01-20

i made the new insructabls check it out

sonic broom (author)2014-01-20

I will post a better instructables soon

EthanBeltramo (author)2014-01-17

That's just a regular paracord bracelet

Kiteman (author)EthanBeltramo2014-01-19

When was the last time you saw a paracord bracelet with a wire core and no need to fasten it?

EthanBeltramo (author)Kiteman2014-01-19

Oh, I didn't realize it had wire and stayed on. Pretty cool!

Kiteman (author)2014-01-18

This is cool, I'm looking forward to the proper step-by-step.

sonic broom (author)Kiteman2014-01-19

thank you

Mattakers (author)2014-01-17

No it isn't just a normal paracord bracelet. It is really cool how you used wire! In a survival situation, the wire could be used for other tasks!

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