New Knex RBG* System (i Think).




Introduction: New Knex RBG* System (i Think).

EDIT: poorly found a con, it only shoots at low presure, or else trigger breaks.
if sombody know to fix it, plz comment >.<

i dont know if it already has been posted, but i found a new way to make RBG's*
it's simple and good system.

i need a name for this system, dunno how to call it...

plz rate and comment. (*rubber band gun)



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    Sup guys. made a 3 roud burst gun modded into a G11 body but I need mre pieces. Any body feeling generous?

    I gonna try to make a system that makes you able to switch between semi and full auto

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     Been there done that, its VERY hard and my selective firing gun is still prototyped :P

    if you want to make it a full auto add a hamer triger that lockes in to the white bit that holdes the bandes , you should make it so it shotes have bullits with the bands to, or make a gun like this


    not new in any way. The system has been around since the beginning of knex gunning on ibles.

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    Look at it, it is different.

    I did look at it.