Picture of new knex RBG* system (i think).
EDIT: poorly found a con, it only shoots at low presure, or else trigger breaks.
if sombody know to fix it, plz comment >.<

i dont know if it already has been posted, but i found a new way to make RBG's*
it's simple and good system.

i need a name for this system, dunno how to call it...

plz rate and comment. (*rubber band gun)
Sup guys. made a 3 roud burst gun modded into a G11 body but I need mre pieces. Any body feeling generous?
brammeke116 years ago
I gonna try to make a system that makes you able to switch between semi and full auto
 Been there done that, its VERY hard and my selective firing gun is still prototyped :P
d4rksaber (author)  brammeke116 years ago
sweet idea! :D
chazman25 years ago
if you want to make it a full auto add a hamer triger that lockes in to the white bit that holdes the bandes , you should make it so it shotes have bullits with the bands to, or make a gun like this
brammeke116 years ago
Not new at all. Its shoots every rubber band in one burst.

DJ Radio6 years ago
not new in any way. The system has been around since the beginning of knex gunning on ibles.
Look at it, it is different.
I did look at it.