some credit goes to MrRadicalEd for trigger and bipod by brammeke11 and Nypa for the idea to turn the pistol into a sniper. it is a pretty good repeater rbg
How did you get the mechanism to work
I need a new idea.
make a piece conservative high powered(65+ feet) true trig comfertable handle knex gun
I was thinking a cross between an rbg and a Striker pistol. Mag loaded. Semi auto. Not piece conservative at all.
Already done, in the form of pseudo semi autos.<br />
The only good thing is the bipod. Wirestock is lame lol. MrRadicalEd's RBG mech is really cool, I made it one time and was extremely impressed.
i know my stock is lame but i wanted somthing that would have more than 100 pieces but not much more
Do you still have my OSSR? Or did you run out of parts and was forced to destroy it?
its gone now
did you have fun with it?
heck yeah my friend is building the newer version and i am helping i will finish soon and tell you how it is
newer version?
the omen xr thingy mahozer
That is not a new version of the OSSR.
oh well whatever it is one of my friends is building it
How is it?
not done still he wont build any with out me helping
Put tape on the trigger!
No i am not.
not you another one of my friends
Then I guess I will say that it was fun while it lasted... for you. =P<br/>
it lasted 2-3 months
I've always liked RBGs more than RamRod guns. And if you are going to stick with building RBGs, I would recommend using gears to hold the rubberbands, just because they hold more rubberbands, and are more reliable. But other than that, it looks perdy good, and the only problem is that it looks a bit skeletal, and looks like the the RBs aren't held back that far
no clue how to use gears on rbg.
Theres a good amount of them on 'Ibles, just search for RBGs. One of them is an MP5, and has an amazing semi-auto mech using red gears. I just think that gears are alot more reliable than the white connectors. Its your choice, but either way, it looks like its a good gun.
Lol, and again.. it's: New Knex Innovationists Tournament. XD
How many people move on to round 3?
Ten move on to round 3. Five move on to round 4. Three move on to round 5 which is the final. :P
Oh ok.

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