Picture of new life for old school shifter
I ride a straight 8 speed bike. This only calls for one shifter and I came up short in a time of need.  Looking around I decided to make an old 10 speed double goose neck shifter make do.  I simply took half of it apart and use it as a thumb shifter.  It works great!
SIRJAMES093 years ago
Not a bad idea...8D
and it works just fine?? shifts gears like it's supposed to & all that??

TY for sharing bro! 8)
onrust (author)  SIRJAMES093 years ago
works great and is generally scrap or garbage . I bought this back at my local scrap yard.
hmmm, maybe I should go check out a few junkyards around here....been looking for a riding lawn mower, or golf cart, or something like that to get around in....

TY for the FYI...

Ideas are running thru my head like an 8 lane highway at rush hour....lol