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Introduction: New Mag

THIS IS AN OLD SLIDE SHOW I JUST RE POSTED IT BECAUSE I HAVE NOT POSTED ANYTHING IM A LONG TIME AND TO LET U GUYS KNOW IM NOT GONE YET :p new remove able mag design for this type of semi-auto gun (I give credit to mykhailo for the semi-auto mech) p.s this is just some thing I just put out there for a little innovation the gun is molded after the .45 caliber Kris SMG



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     it's called the Vector in Modern Warfare 2. i got it and i loved the Vector so i'm gonna make a knex one

     i know -.-

    and what snipercrazed said "i dont think anyone visits this page anymore..."


    dude i posted that like a year ago, and i dont think anyone visits this page anymore...

    ironman does live this site ... sorry guys uhm theknexmaster i gonna try to make it from the pics and if it works then are you the first person where a send pics to ;) i prommise , if it works !

    Aw, too bad for ironman. That is something you will always see in the world of knex guns: the best things on knex guns are already done before. Except a true fully auto that reaches over 15 meter and doesn't jams of course.