New Trailer; Completed March '09





Introduction: New Trailer; Completed March '09

I don't have the instructions for this trailer writen out, though I find the visual just as helpful. I will say that it is all brazed,and made of 3/4" conduit, of which I sanded the galvanizing off before I started brazing(helth reasons), with exception to the front , which is made of 1" thin wall steel tubing(80") , a 13" peice of 5/8ths ridgid steel tubing(tapped on both ends) to accept two bolts(one top and one bottom) and a 17" x 3" x 3/16ths" piece of flat steel, which I drilled 5/8ths" holes one inch from each end, then bent to a 90deg 2" from each end, then that pc. was welded to the front of the trailer and the thinwalled construction of the rest of the front was welded as well, thanks to the expert welding skills of my step brother.

I tried to think this all the way through befor I started, but sometimes you just have to build one to really know things like how it balances, pulls, how much wieght is put on your back tire of the bike and so forth, so in saying that I am going to cut this in half, just ahead of the middle up rights and braze a rack on the back, over the tire on the trailer, doing that will take the wieght off of the rear tire of the bike, other than that the trailer pulls real well, trails right behind the bike, and after the refab, it will be balanced much better. I was thinking about putting the rack, that i will be making to go over the trailer tire, on a hinge, so that it could double as a lid for the refabed trailer.



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    Great job! But id like to see more regarding the manner in which the trailer is attached to the rear of the bike.How did you set that up? thanks

    sure looks lot like the famous bob ibex. but it still well made.

    dude, thats pretty sweet. Now make a jon boat or canoe trailer.

    Dude - your chain is RUSTY - change it before it breaks! Then LUBE it. Cool trailer!!!

    Veeeerry cool. Great work, craftmanship. Tarp, tent, bed? Stereo!? Sattelite?!

    That is a true work of art, Im in love :-) Its by far the best homemade trailer I've seen to date. The design and construction are excellent. I would like to see more closeup photos of the pivot at the of the trailer and how its attached to the hiem joints. Tom

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    Hi Brad, When u get the close up' s done can u find out what size the Heim/Rose Joints are? Thanks Tom PS... What ya gonna be hauling in that BIG trailer? Sheep/Bales of Straw :-)

    Haha! Sheep pull'n sheep... a crack up sight, to be sure! No, just looking for a bit of independence. Thanks Brad

    Thanks for the added close ups Brad. I'm still not fully understanding the hinge/pivot? Are the bolts just slotted through the flat plate - top/bottom then welded to the plate, so the pole rotates on the bolts?

    Looking at the close ups of your heim joints, I'm wondering how the trailer tracks over hills/small bumps, Is there enough play in them? Maybe you could reweld them vertically and your attaching bolts, this in my opinion would give better tracking over hills/bumps etc.

    As to your idea of a rack over the back wheel see this page I found..... neat rack on a B.O.B YAK trailer.

    Some neat trailers on this site.... You'll see my attempt at a mono wheel, not to great as there's a bit of a design flaw - So its back to the drawingboard :-)
    I posted a pic or your trailer up for all members to see.

    Keep up the good work & keep us updated on any construction improvements/handling problems.


    Man, this trailer totally rocks! A very clean construction- really demos the ingenuity that moves humanity forward. Way to go.

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    Thanks alot, wow! Alot of the credit really goes to everyone else that has made a trailer, like Bobs and the numerous others. I did alot of research, crunched everything, and made it something that would work for me. my hope is that it adds to the insperation and perspective that's already out there.for others to build. I would love to see bike trailers used all over, it would go along way to true independence?? Thanks again