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Introduction: Newsboy Peak Cap

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knitted newsboy peak cap. I knitted this hat with Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed it only takes like a 1 and 1/2 balls of yarn so that was nice. Actually an inexpensive project. You can find the pattern for this cap at the website listed however it is very vague on somethings and I have done my own a little bit different. I like the newsboy cap with the band across the top so I added that and the buttons were just too cute not to put them on there. If someone would like a version of my pattern I would gladly email it to you. I enjoy this hat. Its definitely one of my favorite projects I have made. I love this pattern so much that I have knitted myself a new one in pink and brown and then made a matching scarf. You can see the detail a little better in the pink and brown version.



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    could you please send me the instructions for this pattern been looking for a peaked hat pattern sharon e-mail thank you have a great day

    Hello, I would really like to try your pattern in the chunky yarn. Would you please email me the pattern at Thank you so much.

    Very cute pattern and different, too!!

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    Michelej7, I love your hat...would like to make one for my granddaughter. Please send me the pattern. Thank you,

    Love the beanie, especially with the band across the top.  If possible, can you email me your version of this cap?