two eyes.....two viewfinder

Step 1: Modify My First Night Vision

i simply modify mi first night vision.

I add another viewfinder(parallel connect) for have a nice vision for my two eyes.

It's a very very pleasure see in the dark with two eyes....

the electrical connection and battery not change,but i need to add another battery for long time autonomy....!!

i want to see Paris by night......in blackout hehehe....bye!!

How do I fix the video lag from cam to screen
You must have correct power line voltage,first......after,if lag is again present,is probably a problem of compatibility camera/screen.......<br>With incorrect voltage,you can see but with lag(4.6 volt is diffrent to5.0 volt....) try with precision....?
<p>Awesome, what's your range of vision with them?</p>
<p>like a camera or mobile objective......</p>

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