Ninja Mask With T Shirt





Introduction: Ninja Mask With T Shirt

this will show you how to make a ninja mask
use a black t shirt

Step 1: 1

get a t shirt that is black
i used white to show the detail
turn it inside out

Step 2: 2

pull it onto your head with the hole resting on your head
make sure you can see through

Step 3: 3

take the two sleeves and tie them behind your head

Step 4: 4

adjust the hole by rolling the bottom part and making sure only your eyes are seen

Step 5: 5

now go and sneak up on that policeman who is giving you fines



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    I made this and it worked 100% for me. Thanks dude!

    That was what I was thinking 2!

    Try a long sleeve shirt. Much easier to tie behind, and in my opinion looks much better with a little more "tail" behind the head.

    the government types are pervs becaues the cammeras can see through clothes!

    the air port X-ray machines can see through cloths but not your everyday security camera, explain to me how a camera can see reflected light through a surface?

    If I told you I'd have to kill you, and I dont feel like cleaning up the walls again.