Nintendo Ds / Lite Dock Knex





Introduction: Nintendo Ds / Lite Dock Knex

holds ds / lite games in travel soap box i made it out of scratch plus its my first other than that crappy one i made that had no pictures and was just an intro
WARNING: you are lost with out the pictures and the captions scroll over the squares and read

Step 1: Gather Supplies

here you have it gather these pieces

Step 2: Orgnize

group together if you please.

Step 3: On to Instructions

re create what you see in the pictures (shouldn't be too hard.)

Step 4: More Assembly

take the 4 grey/yellow prices with green/black rods and put them on the base.

Step 5: Almost Done

see it works... now to add the restraints so it doesn't fall out.

Step 6: Soap Box Holder

attach the soap box holder (takes 2 seconds)

Step 7: Uses

heres the diffrint uses 4 it and the lame ass who made it



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    WARNING: you are lost with out the pictures and the captions scroll over the squares and read

    how is this a warning

     uhhhh wow, long time no see... did this actually work out for people? do people like it? this was litterally my first thing made on here, looking at it now i think i have alot of revising to do... dang i was like... 13 when i made this dang i was young.

    the ds lite and the dsi are the same size

    does it nessisaraly need a soap case, or can it be a container of some sort that can fit in the game box holder thing

    awsome i modded it so i holds a psp and a ds at the same time! :D

    Aww, It seems you beat me to the challenge of a DS lite dock. Too bad... :-( Nice dock however, 3.5

    Cool! But, lots of misspellings and insults... kinda makes me not wanna make it much.

    this is a great idea!i used it 4 my ds and it works! i'm gunna mod it so it can hole the charger plug on it.-

    Thanks for these pictures usually people just say get a gray connector and sometimes u think, "well there are about three different size connectors and I think this was a nice touch

    Proper English would help, and when your respond to the constructive critisism don't respond very lamely and use the same responses twice... We are here to help you make a better one.

    this is junk, im sorry, but it gives me a headache

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    hey this is how i work if you dont like it go home

    Although I love Knex and creativity, this is a very stupid instructable. You need to spell correctly, don't include unneeded pictures and steps and THINK BEFORE YOU PUBLISH.

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    bite me

    this is how i work live with it

    The project itself is pretty good, the presentation though is fairly mediocre and sub-par with the standards of the site. I would suggest using English or any other actual language.

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    thanx X)