i give credit to killerks because he made an awsome trigger system so i used it and i give total credit to him


dosent take to many peices to make
shot about 65feet with one good rubber band
alright aim
sturdy frame
true trigger
light gun


not super good aim
one shot
takes about 8 seconds to load

Step 1:


Step 2:

barrel/triger mec.

Step 3:

middle peice

Step 4:


pic1: side veiw

pic2: top veiw of trigger mec

pic3: far top veiw

pic4: inside veiw

Step 5:

atach all of the peices

you are done

Step 6:

elastic bands

what u will need

atach elastic to trigger

atach to frount of gun

atach to the other side on the frount of the gun

Step 7:


by the way thanx for checking out

pls rate and ask me if u need help

comments are good
<p>how to load!?!?!?!?!?!?!?</p>
im so frustrated. pls, what is the peice the firing rod clicks into?<br />
It's a ball joint connecter. You can buy them at knex.com for .9 cents each
This is built the same way KILLERK's srv1 is.
no but it is mini and um different stock,berrel,berrel tip, ect..
You're not supposed to say 'um' in text, it's only for speaking.
&nbsp;This is Instructables, not English class.
dude i said the same thing on face book this is facebook not english classs
Yea, it makes him sound stupid.
so does saying 'yea'
haha u just said it genius!
I never said i was'nt stoopid...
oh well
same firing mech.
THAT'S THE POINT!!! This is called "my version of the sr-v1... It is supposed to use the same mechanism. Leave him alone if you don't have any constructive critisism!
you spell barrel barrel (just being constructive)
this is wicked dude, i dont have anywhere near enough piecess to make the proper&nbsp; one, and this is pretty cool.
&nbsp;i like it good job 4stars
I just finished my SRv-2 it is sooooo powefull and unbelievable accurate. the range is 437 feet. (****!!!not the record!!!)
can you please put WAY more pictures?!? Albert Einstein wouldn't be able to build this based on the pictures if his life depended on it!
Maybe that's because he is a physicist, not a K'nex builder
im only 10 and i built the thing with no troubles
i doubt anyone would want to build this if their life depended on it. maybe a repeater, not a slingshot that misfires a lot. Viccie's is reliable.
its the same, except the stock and the barrel is shorter then the real SR-V1
i cant see any of the bits that move inside you need MORE pics !!!
need better pics of inside the barrel
looks kinda like a pistol form of the sniper rifle
This is good work, just for people who dont have enough pieces to built the real srv1.<br/><sup>i could not build it, and i have tons of pieces</sup><br/>
looks empty under the barrel; this is a killerk srv1 with much less barrel. 2/5 for effort
pretty cool but it's just like a tiny SR-v1 2*s
you shouldn't have rated
yeah he should, it is a pritty cool gun and u dont have to be mean u know
well yes, but sometimes there is a very fine line between the truth and an insult
I know..... but i try to be nice :)
yeah pritty much
Yeah I'm sorry I had to give it such a low rating :( But keep up the good work!
pretty cool. the stock could have been better, though. 3.5*
this looks... uhh... familiar =]<br/><br/>*kill(cough)erk*<br/>
yeah i know but i changed so much stuff on it, if u can compare the pictures u can tell they are different
hmmm... this is totally original! I give it 5 stars! wait, 0.5 stars for plagerism
oh sorry
Killerk copy (Execpt this time sniper style)
yeah i know i will give credit to killerk and change it on the instructable but can u tell me how to change it so i can write it in i am kind of knew to this

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