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hi, this is my nk plasma pistle i was wondering if i should post it of not so tell me what u think

before i start telling u a little bit about this gun i want to say i took KNEX-BUILDER-FREAK's "the desert buzzerd knex gun" and swithed sum stuff up

so basicly i got the hande, part of the body and the trigger off of him, by the way i think it is a good true trigger system

about this gun


-good aim 23/25
-good power 8/10
-good looks
-range of 35 to 60 feet
-true trigger
-good sight
-light waight
-u can take the silencer/barrel atachment off


-uses a few to many peices
-hard to make


admin (author)2008-12-17

This project looks awesome but there isn't enough documentation of you actually making it to be a full Instructable. There are two things which you could do. 1) If you happen to have images of you making your project you can create some more steps, add those additional photos into your Instructable and then republish your Instructable. 2) If you don't have any more pictures of you working on your project, that's ok too. That just means that your project is better suited to be submitted as a slideshow. Your images are already in your library, and you can use the same text that you have already written for your Instructable so it should only take a few minutes to create your slideshow and show the world what you made! Thanks for your submission and let me know if you have any questions along the way.

HiZpaniK90 (author)2009-08-20

if u add 3 spikes at the back it wud look like the ray gun from cod5

morgan1210 (author)HiZpaniK902010-02-28

 what's cod5

AJKnex (author)2009-09-27

post it

The Jamalam (author)2009-03-01

nice spelling on the title

what spelling, is all good-mabey get your eyes checked

rofl pistol, not pistle XD

like itm makes a difference

it does if you want to be able to spell and get a good job and life.


lol check his swearing fit out on his sniper

spyglass (author)The Jamalam2009-09-04

what does this really have to do with the purpose of the website this is a instuctioanl place not a spelling bee -_-'

The Jamalam (author)spyglass2009-09-12

Umm read the rules bud. Correct spelling within reason is needed all the time. Instustioanl isn't a word. It's "instructional". Use punctuation as well.

spyglass (author)The Jamalam2009-09-12

is this a site that helps give ideas or a language assesment? either way i dont care much for spelling rules.

The Jamalam (author)spyglass2009-09-13

Good luck getting well known...

spyglass (author)The Jamalam2009-09-13

haha! its not about being know this site isnt a popularity contest

The Jamalam (author)spyglass2009-09-13

And... who exactly are you to make this judgement?

spyglass (author)The Jamalam2009-09-13

erm me cause you placed it as if i wanted to be known which i dont......besides i dont care much for prestige here if you make good guns fair enough but thats it your not a popstar i only come to ask could people place guns up, build and comment on them. What i dont understand is the fact you would rather argue over the site purpose than push for a new innovative project

The Jamalam (author)spyglass2009-09-13

When did I say I'd rather argue? That comment thread was about 5 months old. You didn't have to revive it. Don't blame this whole thing on me.

maybe you also need to learn how to spell maybe

smithinator (author)2009-07-16

awesome pistol :), just make it into a slidshow cos theres no instructions ok.

knex is awsome (author)2008-12-18

wow man this is the best gun on here is is so sweet




TwistedParadox (author)2009-04-13

Why is this an Instructable?

Oompa-Loompa (author)2008-12-18

Why is this an instructable?

cuz it can be

i was wondering if i should post it or not you just dont like me at all hey??/

I don't mind you, but instructables are given such a name because they are for "instructing" the public on how to do a certain thing. This would better serve as a forum topic. Or, better yet, read Kiteman's laws and re-evaluate asking this question all together.

spyglass (author)2009-01-16

definately post its the first gun ive seen where the handle is placed right at the end of the sight (unique)

pls (author)2008-12-18

Probably be better to post a slide show for it, looks neat :)

Vynash (author)2008-12-18

Looks cool thanks for the credit but next time ask me. You need to make this an instructable... And it's Knex_Builder_Freak not KNEX_BUILDER_FREAK....

nickkoppelaar (author)Vynash2008-12-18

ok sorry for not asking you, i didnt know if i should ask u or not and the only reason i wrote knex_builder_freak like this(KNEX_BUILDER_FREAK) is so people could see it better and it would stand out

Vynash (author)nickkoppelaar2008-12-18

Oh that's ok :D and LoL!

alfpwns (author)2008-12-18


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