No-cost, 5-minute Steady-Cam rig using a tripod and household materials

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Recently I watched this impressive video:

I´m not really into taking videos or making movies, but all those professional or DIY solutions to build a steady-cam thingy or camera gimbal which I stumbled upon in the last years were always fascinating.

So after watching above mentioned video, I thought, "Hey, now that you finally own some device that is capable of recording HD-video, let´s see if you can build something "alike" within a few minutes and only with materials you can find in your household...".

So in the next steps you can see what I came up with.

Regarding the minimal effort and time invested, it works quite well, just check out the video links below:

This is a handheld Iphone video:

And this is a video using this improvised rig:

Worth a try, I think, so advance to step one...

Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
What you need:

video recording device (in this case an Iphone)
(optional) fixture to mount that device to a tripod (in this case "the glif", google it if you like)
(optional) pliers (or screwdriver, depends on your tripod model)
(optional) a pipe or stick that fits your tripod fixture (I used the stick of a broom /mop)
duct tape
a hammer (or some other weight that fits)
(optional, but will improve the effect) glass bottle or jar which fits over the handle of your tripod (and still in your hand)