Introduction: No Drivepin Knex Gun

Picture of No Drivepin Knex Gun

i think this is the first ever pistol to use no drivepin

Step 1: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

just make the handle from the pictures

Step 2: The Barrell

Picture of The Barrell

once again just make from the pictures

Step 3: Putting It Together

Picture of Putting It Together

just attach them at the back

Step 4: The Elastics

Picture of The Elastics

the elastics are kinda tricky you have to put three samll elastics through the top pieces(the thing that fires the bullet)

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Picture of Loading and Firing

you have to pull the pieces up until they click with the orange connecter then put a grey connecter with a green rod in it with about have a centimaeter showing for max distance and to fire you just pull the orange connecter back(true trigger)


)-RANGA-( (author)2009-01-30

this gun is the first gun iv actually tried to make off this website. it caught mi attention when i red that it had no drive pin. I red on to find out how you fire it. when i saw u had to cok it i immediatly thort "i mus try this" it is e very nice design and a fun gun

mettaurlover (author))-RANGA-(2009-02-24


cj81499 (author)mettaurlover2009-05-27

i agree

IVIajikz (author)cj814992010-11-19

Same lol

mettaurlover (author)IVIajikz2010-11-19

Dude. You necro'd. Not cool.

)-RANGA-( (author)cj814992009-07-13

Gezz y iz every1 soo formal about how we spellz stuff on heer. Itz a comments page. not a letter to the editor. If u pplz have nuthin betta 2do than criticize tha way i wanna spell ova tha net then you must have seriously boring lives. go get a girlfirend, hav a f##k or somint bt geez do somiint ells wit ur time

yong2x (author))-RANGA-(2009-12-23

ya we cn mis spel words if we wnt 2

mettaurlover (author)yong2x2009-12-26

No. No you can't. Not if you want people to understand you, anyway.

skyhigh32 (author))-RANGA-(2009-07-25

Just because someone commented on your spelling doesn't mean you need to be rude to them. Like you said this is a comments page. In other words, its public, and there's no need for such behavior. Never the less, since you don't know anyone here, i am confused on why you think you have the rights to evaluate someone's personal life. It is of no concern to you. Please take some time to consider your actions, and return when you have come to a consensus.

mmdog (author)2009-11-02

this definatly the best knex pistol ive made

supa boy (author)2009-08-10

easy to do AND it turns out AWSOME!!!

supa boy (author)2009-08-10

It looks awsome, it fires awsome and it IS awsome!!!

kellykell (author)2009-07-07

it doesn't shoot dumb a**

NYPA (author)kellykell2009-07-17

it shoots alright

NYPA (author)kellykell2009-07-08

it shoots alright.

NYPA (author)2009-05-17

this is the truest knex gun ever! great job!

billbobby (author)2009-05-03

very nice but not very accurate or strong. :(

It isn't the first gun to use a hammer mechanism.

but it is the first effective no ram gun...

No, it isn't.

that's not a catapult, cannon, bazooka or rubberband gun.

Yup. Almost any semi-auto gun uses the same mech, so this is sort of a step back.

Kaiven (author)Whaleman2008-01-03

hey, you! should i post my pistol? it is silent, truetrigger, little problems, and looks good. no pics right now but just seeing if you want me to. on my orangeboard, i talk to danny, like last april about it.

Vynash (author)Kaiven2008-01-03

yeah post it

Kaiven (author)Vynash2008-01-03

already been working :)

Vynash (author)Kaiven2008-01-03

huh? what do you mean?

Vynash (author)Kaiven2008-01-03

cool gotta check that out

DeadlySin9 (author)2009-01-01

Nice gun, very easy to make and has a good shooting mechanism. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Oompa-Loompa (author)2008-11-06

Really cool!

ILIKEPIE333 (author)2008-10-28

post a firing vid!

Hugo4123 (author)2008-10-07

If you cock it back all the way and put the bullet in the gun with side with the rod it shoots more powerful

Hugo4123 (author)2008-10-04

this thing is AWSOME! :)

Hugo4123 (author)2008-10-04

on the frame +(add)1 white/black rod that way the frame will be stronger

Hugo4123 (author)2008-08-17

Its really suckish.Just kiding this thing rocks hard dude.And it has a true trigger

Mintyhippo (author)2008-01-09

he did say I think, which didn't mean he was gloating. And maybe that gun would work in my holster! =)

Kaiven (author)2008-01-04


k-man101 (author)2008-01-03

oh i didnt no this wasnt the first gun to use the hammer mechanism can someone give me a link to a gun that does

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