This is my ant trap, which as no poison.
It's basicly a glass jar with water and dish detergent in the bottom and a pipe with sugar in the tip.
To do it start by the bait. Get a plastic lid and make a hole on it, secure the other lid in the pipe's tip with electrical tape, line the pipe with the world's slippest material, Teflon, an pass the pipe throw the hole. Then  mixture water and dish detergent and put it in the bottom of the bottle. It has to be enough to cover the down lid, but as less possible, about 1 cm above the lid, put the bait on it without sugar and burial the bottle near the anthill and finally put the sugar on the lid.
<p>how do they get in</p>
This looks interesting. However, I'm confused. How do the ants get in? It looks like you have a couple pieces of weed stems draped into the center where the sugar is. If that's the case, couldn't the ants just crawl out the same way they came in? Please let me know because I'm so sick of my yard being full of ants all the time. Thanks!
The weeds are camera's fault. They don't touch the sugar.
This is exactly what I need. I have so many ants all around my home. It all started when a gust of wind blew over my trash can and one of the bags ripped. The ants just started attacking it. I would love to do some <a href="http://www.cranbrookpestcontrol.com" rel="nofollow">pest control</a> before the ants start messing up my concrete. Thanks for this great guide!
the question was ---does it work --didnt see any answear to the question................
in about two weks (probably less but I only checked two weks later) the water was full of ants and instead of yellow was black, so, it means something.
You've tested this? Does it work well? <br />I'm asking because I can use this cheap ant trap. :)
what is the Teflon for ? How do the ants get to the bait ? Do they swim across to the pipe? Then what ? Very confusing !
the sugar attracts the ants, which will fall in the jar and try walk on the water using the water's surface tension, but the detergent removes it and they sink. When they sink they will try climb the pipe, but Teflon is the world's most slippy material and they will slip back onto the water. then they will get tired and die or drown
The ants smell the sugar and climb into the jar; after the ants climb in, they fall into the detergent-water solution and die without making it to the sugar.
Neat. I wonder if it will work with carpenter ants? <br /> <br />Just that those ants will get use to the trap and no longer go on the previous traps that I had.
this trap is very cheap, so, you don't have a lot to lose if you try
I wonder what else will come and eat the sugar? Maybe making one with a cover to protect it from the rain also? I don't like ants!
this is my prototype, but If you want build it as you want
I wonder if you just filled the bottom with sugar water/detergent mix if it'd work?
probably yes, but the dish detergent may cause the blocking of the sugar's smell. anyway if you try you have nothing to lose.

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