Picture of no sew Nes controller Wallet
another reinvention of this gaming classic

Step 1: You will need

Picture of you will need
one sacrificial Nes controller
small phillips screwdriver
wire snip pliers
UHU glue
Long Zip
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awig11 months ago

oh lord. i love it!

amerari2 years ago
Loved this will go on my to-do lists for 2013
sir i am afraid your genius is showing!
and here i am searching for a cheap nes controller. ughh
jintrigger6 years ago
Is there anyway to this and still manage to have a working controller. That would be sweet
zenilorac (author)  jintrigger6 years ago
i guess u could... u would need to make a lining to hold the circut board in place also there would be a long cable to deal with but not impossible if u make it post a picture!
That shouldn't be hard to keep this circuit board in place but for the cord I was thinking of something retractable like some of the newer iron that retract so the cord wont be all over the place
That would be cool! I think you should make it. All in favor?

Win Guy
TechKid673 years ago
These look extremely profitable! I recommend jumping on that or at least patenting the idea. Love them
Calico Jack3 years ago
I don't know if it was with permission or not, but this 'ible has been plagiarized word for word here:
zenilorac (author)  Calico Jack3 years ago
it was without permission, thanks for the heads up :)
adeboard3 years ago
I'm not sure I understand that bottom? Does the controller close up with the zipper inside or....?
zenilorac (author)  adeboard3 years ago
the zip i used was short so only long enough to go around three edges. i used a piece of ribbon glued in place to make a 'hinge' along the bottom edge.
hope that helps
Win Guy3 years ago
This is cool, but I wouldn't feel okay about destroying a perfectly good NES controller - those things are ANCIENT, you know! Do you have any idea where I might be able to find an imitation shell?

Win Guy
zenilorac (author)  Win Guy3 years ago
i imagine an 'imitation' shell would probably cost more than the garage sale price tag of the old controller. but i guess u could cast a replica if you had an original to work from. it was mainly an art/recycling project using found material and plays on the iconic look of the controller. thanks for looking and taking the time to comment
Very nice....! I'm a man myself and I always carry a change purse, so what?
exactly. when my friends ask me why i carry one, i just stare at them.
lol nice
Me too.
zenilorac (author)  NatureBoom214 years ago
there is one on instructibles here-
but not identical.

the image came from a site selling them i think
but far grom cheap

if you work it out make an instructable of it
MapTa=Marty5 years ago
 That's pretty awesome!
mfcds6 years ago
I heard you shouldn't use the sewing machine with zippers. it breaks the needle.
zenilorac (author)  mfcds6 years ago
nah, you just have to be a little careful and go slow. I originally planned to sew a liner/zipped pocket then stick the case in place but junk store sewing machine was being difficult
DrWeird1176 years ago
James Rolfe would love this.
Yes, AVGN would be overjoyed to own one of these.
Somebody send him one.
Gage9877 years ago
how do people make all these and get the controller like many others have said these controllers are gonna go extinct
they will extinct eventually.... everyting will.... thats y u get replicas...
danteblanco7 years ago
Thanks for this ((:
I made mine
and it came out pretty sick.
LINK:this is what it looks like
zenilorac (author)  danteblanco7 years ago
looks good, please include a link to this instructable on your deviant art page thanks
skyler53797 years ago
hey what do you do to the bottom so there isn't a huge hole on the bottom where all your money falls out?
zenilorac (author)  skyler53797 years ago
i glued in a strip of ribbon to act like hinge, alternativley glue i a long zip that wiould go all the way round
What did you use for glue? I find that super glue is not working and hotglue peels away from the plastic. Great idea by the way and would love to use for a teen craft project!
NetReaper7 years ago
It would also me cool if you made it on hinges and had it snap open, it could have fabric lining on the inside and little pockets too. then i would look like a nes controller when closed, great for confusing people when they see you open it
eeeXsmart7 years ago
OMG!!!!!! i love it!!! it's great!!!! definitely making!! thanks!!
You know it's just a matter of time before the world runs out of NES controllers with all these MP3 and wallet mods..... :P
When that happens I will be here with an instructable on how to turn a NES controller wallet into a functioning one. XD
czarnian7 years ago
I did this proyect a few months ago, here H add a few tips: - If you can't find UHU glue, use PVC piping glue. You knoy, the clear glue that can gets you high if you inhale too close to the piping just glued, you can purchase it at your local hardware store. Be sure it's for PVC piping, not epoxy or any other glue. This glue bonds in matter of seconds, so be sure where do you wanna glue something, there's no coming back after you glued it. For gluing the zipper to the NES controller, I went for stages. Take a file binder clip (the black with two silver legs kinda clips, the ones that some people use to make photo framings, you know...) and star gluing one inch at a time, put some glue, put the zipper, clip with the binder clip, let it be for a couple of minutes, take the clip out, repeat. Lining: Leaving coinage in a plastic container is kinda noisy. I figured that out the day after I made the purse. so, i made a lining for the purse out of a piece of EVA gum. Cut to fit the inner walls of the purse, then glue with the piping glue. (EVA gum is the same material that some kiddie play-n-learn toys are made, it's a soft plastic, foamy but dense, find it at your office supplies store (or at the hobbie/craft store, there are still some granmas that made napkin holders or TP covers out of an EVA gum sheet.) to glue or not to glue (the buttons): A friend of mine told me that it would have been cool if I let the buttons with the gum inside, for a more realistic effect on the casual observer (like "dude, nice purse.....the buttons still work?"...happens a lot...). Personally I glued them, excep for the select/start, that I left untouched. It's up to you. If you have any question about the procedure, dfeel free to contact me via PM. Greetz to the original conceiver of this idea. see ya. Czarnian
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