Picture of no sew Nes controller Wallet
another reinvention of this gaming classic
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Step 1: You will need

Picture of you will need
one sacrificial Nes controller
small phillips screwdriver
wire snip pliers
UHU glue
Long Zip

Step 2: Kill a controller

Picture of kill a controller
unscrew controller backing (a couple of to screws may be immovable, if this is the case remove as many as possible then carefully pry apart the controller and snap the screw mounts)
remove circut board and wire. using pliers snap off any of the screw holders/wire guides etc
leave the ones that hold the button pads in place

Step 3: Try not to stick your fingers to the poject...

Picture of try not to stick your fingers to the poject...
use a blob of glue to secure the rubber backing of the keys so they dont fall out -repeat for each key

Step 4: Stick the zip

Picture of stick the zip
this step is kind of fiddly, try to get a zip that is at least long enough to go around 3 sides of the controller. use a piece of ribbon or similar to bridge the gap along the bottom (to form hinge).

(for some reason my browser isnt letting me create notes on the images so i hope this makes sense)
glue around the inside edge of the controller and attach zip, use an old bank card to press the zip to the edge. work out which way round you want you wallet to be and make sure the middle of the zip is at hat side (see second photo for correct way round!). glue around the inner edge on the back plate and line up the zip, sticking as much as you can before unzipping (helps lining it up) finish positioning zip.

glue a strip of ribbon around the remaining edge then to the other plate. agin use the card to press the edges in.

Step 5: Finshed!

Picture of finshed!
tidy up any loose edges with a little extra glue where requred. make sure it has properly dried before using.

my entry to the Wallet competition, was a abit last minute as my first design didnt work...
my sewing machine broke part way in, hence the no sew aproach.
my original plan was similar to the cassette tape purse pictured