Step 5: Finshed!

Picture of finshed!
tidy up any loose edges with a little extra glue where requred. make sure it has properly dried before using.

my entry to the Wallet competition, was a abit last minute as my first design didnt work...
my sewing machine broke part way in, hence the no sew aproach.
my original plan was similar to the cassette tape purse pictured

TechKid673 years ago
These look extremely profitable! I recommend jumping on that or at least patenting the idea. Love them
adeboard3 years ago
I'm not sure I understand that bottom? Does the controller close up with the zipper inside or....?
zenilorac (author)  adeboard3 years ago
the zip i used was short so only long enough to go around three edges. i used a piece of ribbon glued in place to make a 'hinge' along the bottom edge.
hope that helps
mfcds6 years ago
I heard you shouldn't use the sewing machine with zippers. it breaks the needle.
zenilorac (author)  mfcds6 years ago
nah, you just have to be a little careful and go slow. I originally planned to sew a liner/zipped pocket then stick the case in place but junk store sewing machine was being difficult