Introduction: No Sew Pocket Notebook

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No staples, no glue, I didn't even use scissors this time! Some folding turns a full sized sheet of paper into an eight page notebook about the size of a business card.

Step 1: I Use Graph Paper for Everything Already, But It Really Is Best for This...

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Fold in half, the long way first. it's more difficult, I find, to do the long axis fold last.

Step 2: Now Into Quarters

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If you wanted to you could unfold the long axis to fold the wide axis like I do, but the point is that now the page overall is in quarters, fourths, along both the long and the wide axis

Step 3: Along the Wide Axis, Fold Each Half in Half

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Fold the outside edges of the page (the original top and bottom) into the middle, I do this while the page is folded in half, meaning I unfolded it in order to get it to look it's original width and one fourth it's height.

Step 4: Cutting

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along that first fold down the middle of the paper, CUT OR TEAR along the foldfrom the center out toward the seems. there will be an opening in the middle of the page, not the outsides, and the cut is one straight line.

Step 5: Folding

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Along that first fold, the long axis seem, the part you just cut half of, you fold the paper over, and get something clover-like. Squeeze it in and curl it up.

Step 6: Finish

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You can template how you like, the picture above demonstrates the orientation. A pen with a tight clip and a pocket and OFF TO THE RACES!


JohnP1 (author)2014-09-16

I love pocketmods! At the site, there is are add-ons and a customizable section. There is even a program that can take any eight page pdf and make it into a pocket mod. The program works with different sized paper as well.

L7 (author)JohnP12014-09-20

It's the same fold the nice folks at utilize, but all I ever need is to sketch stuff out, and even when I have my tablet with me, finger drawing a design is tricky. the other thing about having paper is you can give it away as needed.

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