Introduction: No Sew Simple Doll Top/dress

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Have a lot of old socks, can't sew and want to make clothes for your dolls this is the instructable for you

Step 1: Gather Your Supplys

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You will need :
● a doll
●an old sock/old tights/old leggings
●a good pair of scissors
●something to mark with ( chalk, pencil )

Step 2: Marking Out

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Place your old sock/old tights/old leggings your doll
Mark where you want your top/dress to end and start
Draw 2 short lines near the top these are your arm holes

Step 3: Cutting

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Cut arcoss the marks you made at the bottom and the top
Also cut the 2 arm hole lines

Step 4: Decorate and Enjoy

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Your done!
you could sew buttons on or embroider on the front to snazz up your top/dress
Please love and comment I would love to see what you came up with :)


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