very simple....  no tools needed repair!  no wheel removal! works on all tube sizes! it will hold air for a good while. definitely enough to get you to a shop or home. i learned this trick from a elderly fella....... pay attention to the old and wise!

cybergod3 years ago
Simple good idea. But to be a stirrer, does the credit card not become a "tool" by it's use? Sorry, just had to ask. I do see it as a quick fix to at least get you home. I like it.
dedmann (author)  cybergod3 years ago
I suppose, but so are my hands. the card is unnecessary. I started using it as a visual aid to show the tire half mounted. then figured it was such a common item that i could give it purpose; perhaps help the softer handed cyclist :)
Simple good idea. But to be a stirrer, doesn't the credit card makes this fix become unfree ? :)
dedmann (author)  jackfaciale3 years ago
to be specific the card shown is a gift card (free). does that make it up-cycled?
A quick, very creative, "no-tools" way of dealing with flat bike tires. HOWEVER, you left out one important step. Begin with marking the location of the tube stem on the tire (in case the tire moves on the rim in the process of removing the tube).Then after locating the hole in the tube, find that same location on the tire and carefully reach into the inside of the tire with your finger to find the nail, thorn or glass that caused the flat in the first place. Remove that offending sharp object and continue with your tire repair as described. If you do not remove the cause of the flat, it may re-occur with your temporary patch OR when you put in a new tube. I learned this the hard way.....
Also if the hole is near the valve you wont be able too tie it. I work at a bike shop so i agree with ckoehler1904
dedmann (author)  ckoehler19043 years ago
OH NO! yer soooo right.... always check for the offending object!
thanks for the comment! should i edit my tutorial? i'm new & unsure......
Yep, Just do the edit and your Instructable will be up-to date. no problem!
dedmann (author)  ckoehler19043 years ago
thank you very much for the help. Cheers!
Neat idea! Couldn't you just tie a knot in it without cutting it in half? That way you get it home or to the shop then you can patch it proper without having to buy a new tube. Just wondering.
dedmann (author)  RedneckEngineer3 years ago
Very good point. I have never tired, but will. The only concern I would have is the knot used. it may not roll well.
yaly dedmann3 years ago
I just use some clear tape and inflate the pressure seals the hole till I repair it
Like that idea better, no need to waste a tire with a small hole in it!
caarntedd3 years ago
Great tip. Very useful.
rimar20003 years ago
Very useful info, thanks for sharing.
legendofjd33 years ago
As a mechanic myself, it's nice to learn and pass on new tricks. Thanks.
noahw3 years ago
I love learning new things! Thanks so much for posting this!
dalovedr3 years ago
Nice! Thats smart! Would have never thought of that, always like knowing "just in case" things.
dedmann (author) 3 years ago
this is my first Instructable. please place cursor over box in picture to see caption.