Introduction: No Tutorial: Minecraft Chest Wallet

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Hey everyone!:D So I made a new wallet! check out my craft channel on youtube "thecraftguy" i only have 2 subscribers lol but I wanna do some tutorials but i need help everyone please check out my channel:) thanks everyone, if you like this wallet i will most likely do a tutorial on youtube so subscribe to stay tuned:) thanks again everyone:)

Step 1: When It Is Open You Can Make the Box

Picture of When It Is Open You Can Make the Box

Step 2: Velcro Coin Pouch

Picture of Velcro Coin Pouch

Step 3: Hidden Pocket

Picture of Hidden Pocket

Step 4: ID

Picture of ID

Step 5: Picture Frame

Picture of Picture Frame

Step 6: Holds 4 Cards 1 ID

Picture of Holds 4 Cards 1 ID

Step 7: Large Bill Fold

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acepow4 (author)2014-08-07

I agree we need a tutorial

JoshS1 (author)2014-07-29

That's awesome I was confused one sec a wallet next a chest O.o Oooo?

liz lindke (author)2014-07-15

I love it!

jessyratfink (author)2014-07-15

That's super fancy - we definitely need a full tutorial!

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Bio: I live in Arizona, I love making stuff, I sell handmade bracelets, i love making gifts. :-)
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