title says everything the videos don't

<p>I made one of these not long ago but i used a lawnmower engine and convert the axel so that it was horizontle and i could controll the speed very good place to start though</p>
Vids don't work must have pictures step by step and words.
looks like im a little late to vote... as someone else who cant weld ive been looking for something like this. thanks alot
wow that is quite the ambitious project! <br> <br>i myself might be a little scared to ride that though, i imagine it must have been difficult to build a stable go cart without welding... <br> <br>very nice job though!
I made a go-kart out of one single plywood sheet and it works fine. Very stable :)
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no its really stable to test out the stability i jumped on it and i put thread locker on all the bolts and they havent even rattled or broken the paint layering from when i painted the only thing im unsure of is the bearing holders
Now make a step by step tutorial. :)
Great idea for the steering ... never thought of using swivel casters. I going to have to &quot;steal&quot; that idea for my farm buggy. Very good instructable ...THANKS!!
just so you know it needs to be stronger than the average steering mechanism.
Thanks,I will bolt &amp; weld mine. It's the bearings that I was having trouble finding an inexpensive way to build. I'm going to use a bike motor kit to power it &amp; gear it down so it will be going slow anyway. Cheers!
i got my caster tires (steering) from harbor freight for 10$ and i found some cheap bearings at ace hardware
oh i forgot to tell you i voted
thank you
your welcome
voting starts todAY
what game is it cuz it says day one but ive never herd of it
i cant wait to vote for u
thanks alot, hey if you want you could tell some of your friends to vote too!
to many videos not enough pictures and explanations
well its a video instructable and the videos show progress so that if you were seriously going to build it you can kind of guess or leave a question
&quot;Too&quot; many videos (insert semicolon here) not enough pictures and explanations (insert period here)
truly awe inspiring
please rate i entered a contest
thank you

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