A grenade for people who live in areas which can not lite of fireworks (this is not a water balloon grenade)
this is my first instructable so let me know how it is...

Step 1: Parts

easter eggs with the same end
ceran wrap
paper clip
and, of course BBS

Step 2: Create Shell

Grab the first shell...

Step 3: Create Shell Part II

Grab both shell and line them straight up. Then tape on side of the eggs. make it easy two open and close.

Step 4: BBs

Grab your bbs.

Step 5: Inner Core

tear the ceran wrap into a small 3X3 square, then pour as many bbs as youd like into the ceran wrap.

Step 6: Continuation of Core...

Lightly wrap the ceran wrap. Lightly!!! make it so that it will hold them but will still come undone when needed.

Step 7: Put It Together! Well Somewhat...

Put the core on one side of the shell.

Step 8: Grenade Pin

take the small paper clip and shape into a ring, square, triangle, or whatever you want the pin to be shaped. Just make sure that its ends line up perfectly

Step 9: Your Grenade

Grab a small peice of tape and lightly press it on the other side of the egg. Then take your pin and poke it throught and line it up with the tape. (if the pin falls out try and push the two ends together to make it stay). It should look like this when it is done.

Step 10: GOOD LUCK!!!

just to let you know... the lightly pressed piece of tape is just to hold it until it is ready to throw. the pin is optional you can always just pull the tape of this is just to make it look cool. to launch, pull the pin and rip the one end of tape off then throw at the target.

I am not faulted for any injury in trying to make or launch this airsoft grenade.

Please again let me know how this is so i know what to do next time.
how does it work
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non explosive grenades are fun if your like 8 13+ need explosive grenades so they can satisfy their pyrotecnical stages
explosive is my middle name
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''music is explosive my lfe2&quot;
Honestly, how stupid are you guys? It's ILLEGAL! I know about 5 people to get $3000 fines for using firecrackers. I agree myself that it is way more fun to use explosives but I'd rather have less fun than get a massive fine, this is just an alternative way to use them
<p>my mom said that too but then way later on my friend said nope.</p>
im no lawyer but im pretty sure it depends on what state your in as far as whether or not it is or isnt illegal and for people who live out in the country or in an area where the cops dont bother you who really cares as long as your being safe about it. your average fire cracker cant shoot a bb at more fps then even your off the shelf walley world brand airsoft. not an m80 like the guy below ya i can see where that would cause so problems.
i made some airsoft grenades using m80 fire crackers.... i got fined.... now i dont use m80s to make airsoft grenades.... unless i wanna make someone piss themselve
im 12 and i agree HIGHLY!
im only 10
<p>sooooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat</p>
same here
we da best<br /> <br />
me too
same here
same aswell
same here
lol, im in calif, but im going to rtexas right now :P<br /> (gunna try to sneak firecrackers for new years/4th of july/airsoft nades, but DEFINATELY&nbsp;not mortars)
I agree!<br />
im 14 and i agree
13 diddo
12, don't you know it!
lol im 15 pawned jk i agree
you know I can agree with you on that. although the craftsmanship and the imagination also count. I've had some success with making an airsoft grenade and yes, it explodes!
yah but i almost got busted where i play. didnt u chuck the grenades at the people. try throwing the grenade as hard as u can
i hazs reeellyye gooid idea. it might take a lot 0f skilllz too make tho. yuu put da bb''zz into da pant pocketts and wennn yoo waant to heet da bad giesz yuu throoows der bbs in dar pockket att demm.
Good idea, I can't use fireworks either so thanks for the design.
I am of course referencing molybdenum's first comment about using corn because it is cheaper.
@molybdenum doesn't using corn instead of bbs sort of destroy the point of an AIRSOFT grenade. airsoft uses bbs, not corn. :-/
ok now don't get me wrong this is great but it might help if you leave some of the unneeded steps out like &quot;BBs&quot; this will make it very good even better than it already is
post a video. i dont know how it works. it probably sucks. walmart probably makes better ones
where did you get that? i cant find them anywhere
how did you do that?!?!
it sucks
if you cant get ahold of any explosives... its called baking soda and vinigar <br>
ill never get out of my pyro stages IM A PYROMANIAC!!!
Fire is GOOOOOOOD no Fire is BAAAAAD
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me 27... :P
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oh yeah and lol.<br>
Me four?
me too! :D
There are stages? my pyro just kinda sticks with me whenever Im bored. Nice to know I have good ole pyro to cheer me up! ||:D

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