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Introduction: Nostalgia

I'd like to instruct you how to do the trick at the end of this video, which forms an eiffel tower thing in a moment.
But it may hard to watch it in this video so I made another one.
Click the link below.

YoYo used : eetsit by Anti-Yo
-string : 50/50 slick 6 yellow
-response : 1 thin/large iPad
-bearing : un-washed konkave bearing

Music : kokoni iruyo (I'm here) by Hotpants



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    are you a ninja? lol... man,
    you're the best

    that's freakin awesome man!!!!!!!!

    awesome job i can yoyo a little but its nothing special if i tried what you did i would probably hurt myself pretty bad

    (Where is gone the +1 button ????!!!!??? Quick !!! Quick !!! I absolutely need to press it !! Quick !!)

    Wow ! Very impressing !

    1 reply

    If I ever try to do something like that, clumsy like I am, I'm sure I'd end up at the hospital .............

    In my hands, even a simple bilboquet (French equivalent of the Japanese kendama) becomes a WMSD*

    *Weapon of Massive Self-Destruction

    Yes! I sometimes use Yomega's "RAIDER" for practice. That's cool yoyo!

    Thank you for all of your kind comments!

    i know this is a stupid qeustion. how do i wath the video?

    sugoi! Nice music choice too!

    Amazing job thats so cool! must have taken a while to learn!

    Lovin' how you didn't really stop till the very end. Ultimate TADA!!! You rock


    I believe this is what they call talent.

    (Picks jaw up off floor)