video Nostalgia
I'd like to instruct you how to do the trick at the end of this video, which forms an eiffel tower thing in a moment.
But it may hard to watch it in this video so I made another one.
Click the link below.

YoYo used : eetsit by Anti-Yo
-string : 50/50 slick 6 yellow
-response : 1 thin/large iPad
-bearing : un-washed konkave bearing

Music : kokoni iruyo (I'm here) by Hotpants

krayola4 years ago
are you a ninja? lol... man,
you're the best
that's freakin awesome man!!!!!!!!
Wow... that's freaking CRAZY. Great job!!! +1 rating.
twenglish17 years ago
awesome job i can yoyo a little but its nothing special if i tried what you did i would probably hurt myself pretty bad
(Where is gone the +1 button ????!!!!??? Quick !!! Quick !!! I absolutely need to press it !! Quick !!)

Wow ! Very impressing !
If I ever try to do something like that, clumsy like I am, I'm sure I'd end up at the hospital .............

In my hands, even a simple bilboquet (French equivalent of the Japanese kendama) becomes a WMSD*

*Weapon of Massive Self-Destruction
have you ever tried a YoMega?
RYOSUKE I. (author)  FreshPineSent7 years ago
Yes! I sometimes use Yomega's "RAIDER" for practice. That's cool yoyo!
RYOSUKE I. (author) 7 years ago
Thank you for all of your kind comments!
i know this is a stupid qeustion. how do i wath the video?
dizzytired7 years ago
sugoi! Nice music choice too!
Holy asdf! That's insane!
Amazing job thats so cool! must have taken a while to learn!
Lovin' how you didn't really stop till the very end. Ultimate TADA!!! You rock
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
WOW! nuff said
Gnome7 years ago
summit7 years ago
I believe this is what they call talent.
Kiteman7 years ago
(Picks jaw up off floor)
Bran7 years ago
That is wicked! Great job!
Brennn107 years ago
WoW. Nothing else to say.
lebowski7 years ago
That's awesome.
Wow. That's really nice.
kamiyo7 years ago
This video it is wonderful and impact.